During the initial walk through of our house, the realtor suggested repainting the service door (the door from our garage to the kitchen). It was pretty beaten up from hauling groceries (and general crap) in and out.  So, I slapped this little undertaking on our quickly growing To Do List. The project took me a WEEK to complete (and my enthusiasm fizzled exponentially with each passing day). Here are the stats: 3 coats of paint, 24 hours cure time between each coat, 2 trips to Menards, 1 ruined pair of running shorts (gah!), 1 trip to Home Depot (long story), and 1 TORNADO (!!!) later: it’s finally finished.

Enter stage right:  The star of the show, Gloss Smoke Gray Rustoleum.

I like the way this color ties in our garage’s gray shelving and breaks up the white walls.  Not that you can tell from the picture.  Just take my word for it.  Or don’t.  Anyway, I hope the darker color will ward off future grubbiness longer than white would. Isn’t she a cutie?

Are you ready for the money break down?  No?  Sorry, but I don’t care.

  • Sandpaper:  Free (from my grab bag of a paint bin)
  • Paint liner tray: Free (from paint bin)
  • Primer: $3.99
  • Stupid brush that immediately disintegrated, leaving fuzz embedded in the high gloss finish : $1.98 + $swear words
  • A foam roller made specifically for OIL BASED paints: $4.39
  • Rustoleum small can of paint (that quickly ran out): $3.99
  • Rustoleum “Big Mama” can of paint: $8.24
  • Target running shorts that actually FIT and I knew I shouldn’t paint in:  $heartache
  • Total: $22.59 (not including tax, elbow grease, swear words, or heartache)

Do you think the smoke gray (in lieu of traditional white) was an ok decision? Any ~$25 projects that you plan to tackle soon?  In other news, do you think Raisinettes get the respect they deserve?

14 thoughts on “Door-k

  1. Love it – good call! And, still uncertain about Raisinettes…but, Twizzlers, now I forgot how good that ol’ staple is!

  2. Dear DoorK I do love the gray. It is fun finishing up all of the projects around the house. Contractor Joe is coming to Casa P and will install a light, break out concrete and fix the drain, install out-door faucet and bust up a concrete sink. I went down into the basement this weekend and I was surprised I didn’t have a foot of water on the floor. I have a claw tub, 5-1/2 foot long, that I wish I could send to get re-enameled and painted. Ah, if we only had $30,000 sitting around to be used for beautification of the yard and home. Although, if the money dropped in my lap, I would use it on trips and food and alcohol. Smooches.

  3. very neat! love the grey and yes I will be copying you but in very long time as repainting our service doors is very low on the priority list but now I know what paint to use cuz I like the ifnish of yours way better than what home depot recommended to us, sigh!

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