The Skinny Jeans Train

The Skinny Jeans train just swung through town (ok, like 5 years ago).  Anyway, I got on.  And I am hanging on (in?) for dear life.  What made me FINALLY buy really tall compression socks Skinny jeans?

That, my friends, is a very good question.  And I don’t know the answer.

I’m going to wear them in public once I round up enough courage.  Or drink enough wine.  Or if someone dares me.  Or, if there is a nuclear apocalypse and we’ll all die anyway.

But, first, a SECRET fashion show.  After sending a public service announcement to my town home community warning them to STAY INDOORS, I suckered my kind neighbor into snapping a few photos of my new “look”.  Coincidentally, my neighbor happens to be Emily Griffith, an All Star Photographer.  Um, SCORE.  Here are the shenanigans that ensued.

What do you think, should I jump out the front cab and let this train run me over?

Resident fashionistas: Can you give me some advice on how to actually pull these off (literally and figuratively)?  Any of you out there who are afraid to hop aboard this (or another fashion trend) train like me?  Do tell.

An aside: Is against the Skinny Jeans Bylaws to purchase a pair and then consume a gyro, tray of cheese curds, and a malt at the local fair all in the same day?  Please discuss.

19 thoughts on “The Skinny Jeans Train

  1. The Hubs approves of the skinny jeans. He does not approve of the neighborhood shenanigans; there’s been complaints of leg guitar being played at an obnoxious volume.

  2. LOVE the look!! You can so totally pull off this look – er, put on this look! :-) In fact, I think I will Skinny-jean vicariously through YOU – so keep on Rockin’ the Leg Guitar & shenanigans! BTW, Emily – once again FANTASTICALLY PHENOMENAL photos!!!

    • My blatant and annoying ploy to get people to say nice things about me totally worked! You know, I have really great friends.

  3. Sweetie those are not jeans, they are tights. Wear them while you are able. Given time and gravity, it is possible to swell up into someone you barely recognize. Someone who snorts when they laugh…someone who walks past a plate glass window and wonders who that person is in the reflection…someone who just found out that Paul Newman was dead….someone who buys pants that come up to their bra and thinks that is normal….. creepy

  4. Skinny Jeans = good. Skinny Jeans + Cheese Curds (in any quantity) = Real L-I-V-I-N (although I don’t feel that should be necessarily every time you wear them…wouldn’t want to get burnt out on the curd.) I look forward to seeing you rock the look with some platforms or sandals too…your next challenge, the full length skinny jean! Let it out, girl!

    • Megs, you got it, next up is full length skinny jeans in all of their glory. And, thank you for approving of The Curd. A good Curd goes a long way.

  5. Congrats on the blog Candace… I will be coming back often for a few smiles!

    And… congrats for mustering up the courage to sport the skinny jeans. I was with Emily the day she bought her first pair and only wish that my athena nordic goddess build would be able to rock the skinny jean! (wouldn’t get those cute things over my calves!)

    • Teri, you bring that yummy Athena Nordic Goddess body over here and we’ll totally shake our groove thangs. SO pumped to see that you commented!

      Connie, all you have is that WAY cute baby bump (not any of that other crud you mentioned) that you rock with flair and style!

  6. oh my candace! I missed this post come through and it was a riot to read….and your MOM is hilarious. You both are so witty!

    You can wear the skinny jeans as long as you want, you’ll never have to worry about kankles popping out or muffin top hangin over or cottage cheese out the sides. Please wear the skinny jeans for me as this bod will NEVER get into them….I have manly calves that are not a suitable for skinny jeans!

    lovin the look and photo shoot!

    • You wouldn’t believe it…I went to the mall and stopped into Charlotte Russe to find some ‘elastic’ waist band skirts/pants. The lady directed me to ‘extra skinny jeans’ and I told her ‘ah, no way, my calves are too big’ then she convinced me to at least try them on and told me how strethcy they were and that I’d love teh waist since I have my ever bulging baby bump still poking out (minus the baby of course). Low and behold, the lady shocked me as the pants felt awesome! I came home with 2 new pair of jeans and not just skinning jeans but extra skinny jeans…maybe it is the name that makes me mentally feel better about this jiggly tummy. Anyway, just thought I’d let you know as I had vowed to never wear these and can’t believe the lady convinced me to try them on….she made my day!

      • You got on the TRAIN! Atta girl!!! I can’t wait to see you sporting them on your long legs. Next up…JEGGINGS. Blog post coming soon.

  7. Love those pictures. And the camera loves you (lucky you).
    You rock the skinny jeans. I love my skinny jeans. Until I gain 5 pounds because who knew if you stop running after a marathon and start eating during that time, that you’ll gain weight? :)
    Miss you lots, love your blog. And it’s not blocked at work anymore. woo-hoo.

    • Miss you too, Kari. You are always my fashionista inspiration! Remember those ADORABLE boots you wore when we last met up? Your legs go on forever!!
      Glad my blog has been ok’d!

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