SpotLife: 07.04.2010

SpotLife:  A chance for me to tell you Internets how lovely, fascinating, inspiring, and action packed my day to day life is.  Hold on, things are going to get crazy up in here.

July 4th came.  I had some vacation wrapped around the holiday so here is how it all went down.

***A long run with a long time friend.  We thought it would be fitting to start and end at the Soldier’s Field Memorial.  It was a hot and sweaty SUPER SWEATY run.

After we finished, we gave some love to the courageous men and women who have fought (and lost their lives) to keep our independence.

***07.04.2010 A Forest Lake Adventure:  The rain held off so we slathered on the sunscreen and had ourselves a grand old time!  We played water volleyball, spent time with friends, ate THE MOST AMAZING MEXICAN SWEET CORN, and even squeezed in some fireworks on the ride home.  We send big thanks to the K Family for the memories and very happy tummies!

The Hubs with Buddha Belly Camden

Sunscreen. Everyone's doing it.

The Best Thing I've Ever Known

***Did some yard work.  Ok, my lawn is the size of a postage stamp.  But, I planted these pretties (Vinca Major) for our patio fence.  Cross your fingers that I don’t kill them.

***Rhubarb Muffin Mania.  I made me two batches.  Take my word for it, they were fabulous.

A few noteworthy events:

1. Got my eyebrow monster waxed.  You can thank me later.

2. I cleaned the bathroom.  A small victory but a victory nonetheless.

How did your long weekend over the 4th go?  Sunburn free I hope??

7 thoughts on “SpotLife: 07.04.2010

  1. Trielle – I thought you were supposed to blog everyday…since I await your missives with sweet anticipation. Although, spot check, oops Spotlife was very entertaining. I love mexican corn and you can make me some when I come to visit. You and Zack are cutie pies.

    Finally, the humidity has backed off. I feel more human and I bet I smell better as well. Enjoy the day!! love mamasan

    • MamaP – I’ll be posting often but not every day…so you’ll have to keep checking for new ones! :) Of course, Flashback Fridays is coming up tomorrow…

  2. How did I spend my 4th beside lubing the little one up with sunscreen? Well, I finally put the Christmas tree away! (Yes, it has been sitting out with full branches in the basement sporting one silver string of sparkly glitter until Monday July 6. I figured Xmas is July is now over!)

  3. Hey Candace:

    Well, you have dragged me into the new decade…this is my first blog entry…EVER!

    Great to see you running still. Jerry and Bernie and Dan and I (and my newest running buddy Craig) seem to generate enough guilt and obligation for some or all to show up at The Oz and run. Of course, I am sure they would rather run with you and Connie than me…I just don’t wear the coolest and shiniest sequins on my running outfits. But you remain alive and well in our running lexicon as “Lefties” and “Righties” still is heard often as a nod to Team Runnies. Did a long run yesterday (14m) and am gearing up for Whistlestop again. The heat and humidity are not my cup of tea and while Jerry loves it, I detest this kind of weather for running. Saw Steve Faas twice yesterday when I had not seen him since your wedding last year! First, it was out running by Soldiers Field around 6.15 am and then at the en d of the day at Chesters. Weird to see him twice, eh? (Canadian speak)

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