My Girl Crush

Ok.  I’m coming clean with it.  I cannot keep this secret any longer.  I have a crush.  In fact, a girl crush.  A crush on a girl.  I know, I know, I’m a married lady.  But, I couldn’t help myself, this crush caught me way off guard.  She’s my neighbor.  She’s a photographer.  She wears really cool clothes.  She has impeccable hand writing.  She is Stunning.  And she has great eyebrows.  I met her one warm summer day to talk wedding business and BAM, fell in love.  Didn’t even fight it.  Like any good crusher would, I did a lil’ Facebook stalking research to find out more about her.

And I brainstormed ways to try and see her again.  Like this scenario that I day dreamed up.

I keep a watchful eye on our shared bank of mail boxes (because, well, she probably gets mail) and notes when she stops by.   Then, I casually plant myself there at the ‘right’ time the next day.  Crush comes out to check her mail…

me: “Oh, what a surprise seeing you here!”

Crush: “Yes it is!  How are you?”

me: “I’m really great.  Oh look, we both have mail!  We have so much in common!  We should hang out!”

Crush: “What fabulous idea!”  And we skip off together, arm in arm, into the sunshine.

Or something like that.

But, then summer evaporated into fall and fall fell into winter.  I didn’t get much of a chance to see my crush.  Until, we met up for my engagement photo shoot (Our Very First Bona fide Date). I got nervous.  Real nervous.  Had Dry Mouth.  Had the sweats.  Had word slobber.  You know, when you talk really fast in a high pitched voice and all that comes out is stupid crap?  Word slobber.

But, she whipped up some photo magic that day.  Trust me, you can trust in her.  She’s got mad dope skills.  She took two nerdy engineers and, somehow, made us look like Normal People.  I know, I can’t believe it either.

Then, we got to go on a second date.  06.07.09.  Have a look-see, please.

Our wedding photos made my head explode.   And you know what, her work makes me want to have babies (real human ones!) someday just so she can photograph them for me.

Since then, we’ve actually had many more dates.  Yes, of course, I’m still a nervous wreck for them.  But, somewhere along this long awkward road of dry mouth and word slobber, I found a very kind friend.  You should meet her, I’ll bet you’ll have a crush too.

15 thoughts on “My Girl Crush

  1. I’m not even jealous of my wife’s crush. In fact, I encourage it! It’s resulted in the BEST wedding photos ever and a couple incredible new friends!

  2. I can’t say I blame you, your wedding pictures are just stunning. Of course, your photographer had great subjects to work with. :)
    Miss you and Zack!

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  4. I can’t help but think of that Katy Perry song… :-) Just Kidding!!! I agree with Kari – your wedding and engagement pics are OUTSTANDINGLY GORGEOUS!! Your girl crush DOES have some SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC camera & photogra-magic skills. And she’s a dog person (which is SO super important and ranks really high in my book – I’m just sayin’)

    So here’s to crushing and to people who are beautiful in front of and behind the camera! Cheers!

  5. Joining the brain vomit….Ok Candace… first I was a bit jealous because I thought I was your first…. : ) I must admit to a smidge of “research” myself. Ever since I saw your engagement pictures I have been following Emily’s work myself. I LOVE! it! I have been plotting how to score some great pictures myself but I find myself wondering….how would I do it? what do I want? Just Logan and I? the dog too? Oh and don’t even get me started on if it’s a good hair day or not!?! I think I need to stew a bit longer and just watch her from my “window”. : )

    • B, you know I’ve always got mad love for you! :) When you find that perfect time (and hair day), Emily will be ready to do her thang.

  6. hilarious, bit stalkerish, but yes I have to agree Emily does great work and I’d love to get her to get some shots of the kiddos…emily, be ware as I may be the peeping tom in your window who actually knocks on your door for some services (ok that sounds really creepy and I thought candace’s write up sounded creepy!)

  7. Perhaps natural beauty Candace and super outstanding (she’s amazing – I agree!) should team up for some sort of modelesque photo shoot, win a contest or other multi-million dollar gig, and then ride off side by side into the sunset in their pimped out choppers (with the encouraging husbands/families).

    BTW, I tried to accidently bump into and befriend my running neighbor (thinking similarly that we’d clearly be the best AM running partners ever, talk about everything, give advice, laugh, cry, the usual…) who was about my age, lives right by me, seemed fun. Not so much! I’m not sure if she didn’t like my vibe, is too serious about running (to even say hello – I live in the country! Sometimes in a 4 mile run, I don’t even see a car so it isn’t like it’s a huge effort to say HELLO to someone you literally run past on the road), or hates others that may offer their friendship. I’m glad it wasn’t a full-blown girl crush though…may not have rolled off the back so easily. Just thought I’d add a lil’ Brain Vomit Aside. Cheers to your happy ending girl crush story!

    • Miss Megs, I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one that has these! I’m bummed for you that your running buddy crush did NOT pan out. Doesn’t she realize the JOY she is missing out on!? What is her problem – I would LOVE to get in on some Neighbor Megs Vibe!!!

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