3×3 Sand Volleyball

Me:  Hey Justin, want to play in a casual 3×3 sand volleyball league with me and The Hubs this summer?  I already have a team name picked out for us!!

Justin:  Sure, that sounds fun.  Just as long as you don’t care if I suck.

Me:  How tall are you again?

Justin: 6′ 6″

Me:  I think you’ll be fine.

6 thoughts on “3×3 Sand Volleyball

    • *claps* If you ask me (which nobody will), I think we are, by far, the most attractive 3×3 volleyball team this season. Just my humble opinion. Anyone disagree??

  1. It worked – we totally threw our opponents off their game! However, once they overcame their fear of 6 foot 6 inches, they beat us two in a row. Justin, I don’t suppose you could get a little taller?

  2. Is your team name ‘Team PINK’ if so I want to see a pic of you all wearing pink in an upcoming post 😉 Nothing is more manly than a 6’6″ man in pink! Light pink or hot pink would be just perfect!

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