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The Book Nook is my little place to talk about (not to be insanely obvious here…) books.  Because I like to read a book every year or so.  I promise I won’t give anything away (but, things happen).  And, there is a 76% chance that you’ll find this review a complete waste of time because you read the book 10 years ago.  Moving on.

THE BOOK: She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

My thoughts (which most likely carry little to no influence):

This book was fantastic.  I was astonished with how well Wally (we are already on a first name basis) could crawl inside the mind of a 14 year old girl.  The main character, Dolores, is hysterically clever yet so painfully wounded that she roped me in as her best bud by the end of the first page.  It’s a beautiful (with a large side of bitter) coming of age story, beginning in 1956.  Her little family is made up of people with sorta the right intentions who inevitably let their faults (the size of the San Andreas) overtake them.  She is left alone to defend for herself, eventually ballooning into a terribly overweight girl that hates herself completely but holds out a glimmer of hope that she just might deserve something better.  Her journey is nutty, sad, hilarious, but in a surprising way…relatable.  Does Dolores ever get set free from her demons?  You’ll have to wait and read.  Or just catch me off guard and ask.  Anyway, I’m officially a HUGE Wally fan.  His writing is, like, the bomb diggity.  And you can quote me on that.

Grade:  A

Would I recommend it to a stranger on the bus (trying to make his way home)? Yes. Name that tune and you win a free car.  My car.  Which has no air conditioning.

What I am reading now:  The House of Sand and Fog.  I know.  It’s so old school.  Be on the watch for my review in 2012.

Read any good books lately??  Spill The Beans (pretty please).

17 thoughts on “The Book Nook

  1. Even though you already gave me the nightly play by play of this book (as I was trying to focus on my Newsweeks), now I want to read it myself. An “A” grade for the very first Book Nook!

    Btw, am I eligible to win the car??

    • Zack, of course you are eligible to win the free car. I was hoping you’d ask because currently it’s out of gas and washer fluid and in addition, has a big pile of Good Will crap that needs dropping off.

  2. Emily – close, but no cigar. Since you got it half right, I’ll let you keep the Good Will crap items from the car.

  3. You can share custody. I forgot to mention, it needs a good vacuuming as well. Enjoy! Thanks for taking it off my hands.

  4. Oh man! I missed the Free Car!!!! And I even knew the song (sort of)…sigh… :-) I need to start reading again – I mean, you know, more than just the food sections of my magazine collection I suppose. The book sounds great! I am adding it to my list! Right NOW. :-)

  5. She’s Come Undone is one of my favorites!! I’ve been recommending Shantaram to people lately. It’s pretty long, but I thought it was really good. The Book Thief is also a good one.

    • Christine, I have heard great things about Shantaram and The Book Thief as well! I’m putting them on my list! Thank you for the comment! *claps*

  6. I am a huge fan of the Book Nook! (And, I hope there is a great prize every time!) I have added it to my list. Here are some others I’ve read somewhat recently that I thought were good: The Help, Little Bee, Memory Keeper’s Daughter (I’m a tad behind the hip too), The Lost Symbol (although I loved his previous book called Deception Point more but it seemed to get less hype), and Waiting (by Ha Jin). I also read the Twilight series and Candy Girl (by Diablo Cody who wrote the screen play for Juno) and would recommend them if looking for some tune-totally-out-time. I am excited for the other suggestions – 3 cheers for book nook!

  7. I am thrilled with the book nook as well. I wrote down everyone’s suggestions. I am reading a droll little mystery series by Anne George. The protagonists are sisters, the oldest,250#, 6ft tall, and the youngest, 5ft2in and 100#….just like me and my sister, Janet. They have a love/hate relationship just like we do. (I am the 250 pounder) As far as heavy reading goes, I haven’t read much since Child 44. I would like to read Priceless, a non-fiction book, written by a retired FBI agent that worked in recovering antiquities and art. Also, would like to read The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman which is about the staff of a dying newspaper. And Lastly (whew)(will she ever shut up) Merchants of Doubt, a non fiction by Oreskes and Conway. Its is about Corporate Misinformation. I think my son-in-law should read it and give us a book report.


    • MamaP – what a great and ambitious list! I secretly knew you’d have a good one – I get my love of reading from YOU.

  8. books? what are books? still trying to figure that out but til I do I still read my magazines — FitPregnancy, Parenting, and Taste of Home 😉 Today I tried out a new recipe and it was delicious — Lime Cheesecake Pie! (so I switched it from Lemon to Lime and it was awesome!) Sorry I can’t be of more help on the book side of things…can’t even tell you the last time I tried to read a book. I did go to a book club about a year ago to feel like I was part of the ‘in’ crew who reads as it is so intellectual to read. But now, I’d rather sleep or watch TV than read ;-(

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