Flashback Friday

Check out this birthday boy.  He’s 91 years old today – and still mowing his own lawn!

The world has been a better place over the last 91 years because of him.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa.

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Quite diplomatic my dear Zack. I know he is grateful to you for marrying Candace. BECAUSE he knows she is loved and respected. That is what we want for kids and grandkids and great grand kids.

    Today, I am putting stuff in a box and sending it to Alaska. It is one way to get the closets emptied. This afternoon, I will pick up Daddy and take him to Carol’s Restaurant for turkey dinner. I purchased a gallon of communion wine (mogen david) for a gift. If he isn’t a crab, I will stay and let him pour me a glass. Truthfully, I love him to pieces.

    You can make me spinach salad. Easy to get along with is my middle name.. ::)) Smooches

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