SpotLife: 07.04.2010

SpotLife:  A chance for me to tell you Internets how lovely, fascinating, inspiring, and action packed my day to day life is.  Hold on, things are going to get crazy up in here.

July 4th came.  I had some vacation wrapped around the holiday so here is how it all went down.

***A long run with a long time friend.  We thought it would be fitting to start and end at the Soldier’s Field Memorial.  It was a hot and sweaty SUPER SWEATY run.

After we finished, we gave some love to the courageous men and women who have fought (and lost their lives) to keep our independence.

***07.04.2010 A Forest Lake Adventure:  The rain held off so we slathered on the sunscreen and had ourselves a grand old time!  We played water volleyball, spent time with friends, ate THE MOST AMAZING MEXICAN SWEET CORN, and even squeezed in some fireworks on the ride home.  We send big thanks to the K Family for the memories and very happy tummies!

The Hubs with Buddha Belly Camden

Sunscreen. Everyone's doing it.

The Best Thing I've Ever Known

***Did some yard work.  Ok, my lawn is the size of a postage stamp.  But, I planted these pretties (Vinca Major) for our patio fence.  Cross your fingers that I don’t kill them.

***Rhubarb Muffin Mania.  I made me two batches.  Take my word for it, they were fabulous.

A few noteworthy events:

1. Got my eyebrow monster waxed.  You can thank me later.

2. I cleaned the bathroom.  A small victory but a victory nonetheless.

How did your long weekend over the 4th go?  Sunburn free I hope??

Get In My Belly: Fruit Pizza

I’ll just say it right now. You’re welcome.


  • 1 package of sugar cookie mix. Or you could be really cool and make your own sugar cookie batter.  Um, no.
  • Assorted fruit. Of any kind. The only requirement is that it must tickle your fancy.
  • 2 blocks of softened cream cheese (8oz each) – I use Neuchatel.
  • Some powdered sugar (2/3 c? see below)
  • Zest from one lemon
  • Lime juice (1/4 c? see below)


1.  Prepare the sugar cookie mix as instructed on the package…except, make it as one big COOKIE on either a cookie sheet (with sides) or a round pizza pan. If you use the round pizza pan, cover the pan with tin foil first so the dough doesn’t drip out through the bottom holes, creating a total and complete Disaster in your oven (not that this happened to someone as smart as me).
2. Bake until golden brown and you feel like licking the top when the Hubs isn’t watching.
3. Sweet talk the Hubs into washing and preparing fruit while you kick back with some HGTV.
4. Make the frosting. Start with the cream cheese. Beat in ‘some’ powdered sugar, lemon zest and lime juice. Taste.  Add more This.  Taste.  Add more That.  Taste.  Most likely, you will have to consume an ‘ample’ amount of frosting in the journey towards Getting it Just Right.  And that’s what is so brilliant about this recipe.
5. Smear remaining frosting on cooled Singular Cookie. Give the Hubs the spatula to nom on as a peace offering for not making dinner in the last six months.
6. Bring to someone’s house so they can commend your culinary ass kicking. Or, eat it alone in your car.

Raves and Faves: JUNE

Here is my Top 7 (seven? really?) list of June loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. These delicious Crate and Barrel bowls. I don’t have them. But, I just *know* I would love them more than the sun itself and totally be reminded of June every single time I use them which would be every day that I’m alive on this very Earth.  Begging ends here.  Hubs, now would be a good time to jot this down.  Christmas is right around the corner, you know. Dear Crate and Barrel, feel free to sponsor this blog at any time.

Wouldn’t these be cute with fruit or ice cream?

2. Biking in to the office. Helmet hair never looked so fabulous!  That’s what my coworkers tell me, anyway.  Who am I kidding?  I work with engineers and they probably don’t even realize that I have hair.

3. Fresh fruit. Ahh, finally. Target. Blueberries. $1.99.  Yes, please. I’ve been making fruit pizza in bulk every since.  Stay tuned for the recipe!

4. SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance). It’s in the running for the worst TV show title ever…but don’t let that deceive you.  It will rock your world.  Sometimes, we feel so inspired that we try out a few dance moves in the living room.  And, we’ve been known to get injured. Hubs and I never do anything silly or immature afterward, ESPECIALLY anything that requires a next day Ibuprofen run and an awesome chiropractor.

5. Celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with the Hubs by riding double recumbent bikes and eating pie (PIE!).  He’s a pretty neat guy.  I think I’ll keep him.

6. SUNSCREEN. Nuf said.

7.  Watching The World Cup.  I’ve politely asked my friends and family to refer to me only as The Great Landon Donovan from now on.  I will no longer respond to Candace.  Or The Candace.  And I’ve been wearing my shin guards to work just because you never know when you’ll need them.

How about y’all out there?  What is your favorite part about June?