Raves and Faves: JULY

Here is my Top 7 (seven? really?) list of July loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Meet Rita The Rosemary.  I know, so cute.  We’ve been partying with her lately.  Roasted rosemary potatoes parties.  Bet you can’t say that 25x fast.  Go ahead, try.

2.  Sundresses.  They are a necessity because shorts are a very scary place for me (and those around me).  Isn’t this one from Old Navy fun and summer-y?  Don’t you think I should have it??

3.  Google Analytics for my blogbaby. Frankly, I am obsessed.  While you are reading me, I am watching you.  Kinda exciting and just a teeny bit creepy.

4.  The Farmers Market.  We’ve been enjoying goodies all summer long.  Recently, I picked up a Hubs and some fresh blooms.  They were color coordinated, which I was fairly pumped about.

5.  This sweet bowl that I received for my (31st, gah!) birthday from my rockin’ family.  It’s my summer bbq bring along dish.   It has an ice pack built into the bottom AND serving spoons that snap into the lid.  GENIUS.  You can bet your bottle of sunscreen that there will be NO e. coli in this pasta salad!  Eat up, my self esteem depends on it.

6.  The Ready for Anything Perma-ponytail.  It’s the hairstyle that won’t wash out.  Between my morning runnies, biking to work, yoga, playing in 3 soccer leagues and 2 vball leagues…my hair revolts if I try and leave it down.  So, I don’t fight it anymore.  You know what else I don’t fight anymore?  The War on Laundry.  And now our house smells bad.  Oh, and my car smells bad too.  Sorry.

7.  Mexican Sweet Corn.  I can hardly sleep anymore, agonizing over when and where I’ll get my next fix.

Was July nice for you too?

11 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: JULY

  1. awesome list candace! also, we have a few of those flowers blooming in makayla’s garden now too. Those were the bulbs I planted, didn’t think they’d bloom so I planted other flowers over top…well, now they are big and in full bloom with petunias scattered below them! 😉 I guess I can grow bulbs after all.

    #12 watching makenzie not finish either the 50m or 100m dashes at the Rochester All Comer’s track meet

    #13 watching makenzie come in last in the 1/2 mile kids fun run (while being the youngest competitor too) I think her time was somewhere around 12m but who is counting when you see the little tot cross the finish link in her pink/silver nikes!

  2. Tubing down a river – forgot how relaxing and summer-esque that can be!

    Also, my perma-pony’s close friend, Makeup Who?

    Yahoo for July!

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