Dear Tomato Teenagers,

Oh, quit copping the attitude and turn red already.  And for gosh sake, don’t get anyone pregnant.

Also, it would be helpful if you got a job.

Love, Mom

Remember when you were sweet little babies?

7 thoughts on “Dear Tomato Teenagers,

  1. Can I go out and eat play with the Tomato Teens? I promise I’ll be back before supper!

    Btw, I think Tommy Tomato didn’t get your advice… I saw a new tomato baby today!

  2. Now now..let’s not be hasty. The baby t is probably due to an over zealous bee out on maneuvers, decided to take a closer look and voila…baby t was started. As for the teenagers…stay green a LONG time you guys, your Mom has some sharp edged plans for you once you change color.

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