Girl Crush NEWS

You remember my Crush?  Well, she has some exciting news!

Emily Griffith is celebrating the Grand Opening of her shiny new office in downtown Rochester!

Date:  NEXT WEEK, Thursday August 19th

Time: 4-9pm

There will be food, prizes, outstanding company and you can hit up Thursdays on First while you are there!

I’m going to be casually milling around pacing the sidewalk shouting out all of the good things I think about her.  Please come anyway – I can be easily subdued (Hubs will buy me a waffle cone) and you will be sure to have a jolly good time!

Take this link to view the invitation (YOU are invited!!)

Just a little reminder of why she rocked my world…

She’s crazy talented.  Come on by the Grand Opening, I promise to be showered and well behaved!

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