The NO TV Challenge

A good while back, the Hubs and I decided to take the No TV Challenge.  We did it because we are cheap excited to spend more quality time together.  On March 1st, the Hubs officially declared No More TV and unplugged the sucker.  We had one rule.  You *could* plug it back in and watch the big game or one show here and there – but our goal was to eliminate falling into the Black Hole (ahem, Rock of Love) of mindless TV watching after work.  Little did I realize, I am totally too short to plug the TV back in easily.  So, I grudgingly cut TV out of my life altogether.  Well, kinda.  You see, we like us some American Idol and SYTYCD.  So, the Hubs downloads episodes to his laptop and we watch them during Date Night.  I know, we are very uncool.

Fast forward to May.  I’m at work.  I have an epiphany.  I haven’t watched TV in months and The Hubs has only plugged it in 2x!  The whole point of the experiment was to see if we could live without it…and we were doing great!  So, I called our cable company and SHABANG, canceled it.  Just like that.

The Hubs comes home from work.  I ambush him.

Me: “Guess what I did?!”

Hubs: “Ate dinner before I got home?”

Me: “Yes, sorry about that.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  Guess what else I did?!?”

Hubs: “I have no idea.”

Me:  “Saved us some big cash and canceled our TV!!  Let’s high five and celebrate with an ice cream cone!”

“Canceled it???”  Hubs eyes roll back in his head and he melts into a pile of Devastation.

How was I supposed to know it was the NBA playoffs and the beginning of  his beloved baseball season??

But, back to the point of this entire experiment.  For me, this No TV Challenge has been incredibly freeing.  I get to take BACK those wasted hours of my life (ahem, 16 and Pregnant) and DO something productive.  Take a look at the many projects I was able to tackle with all of my new found spare time:

10 thoughts on “The NO TV Challenge

  1. I love it – way to go (other than the Devastation, appropriately capitalized)! Although, I think crazy gals like us who go-go-go need a little more relaxation (nice work above), I agree that it is too easy to log hours of…ahem, some of the shows listed above as well as others that sucked me in (ahem, bachelorette…yes, I used to scoff at the idea of spending valuable time just to see who would get a rose…yet, this season…I was sucked in! And, I loved Chris L by the way). BTW, you totally made your pillows in above pics too, didn’t you?

    • You are so totally cute. I did not make those pillows (sewing is not my forte) but am more than willing to take credit if anyone asks! :)

  2. Speaking of naps, after I heard the news about our TV being canceled, I cried myself to sleep for a week.

    I’ve actually survived without TV, although I’ve been relying on my generous friends to invite me to watch big games.

    Does anyone else want to be my friend? Please reply with your address and TV size. I like sausage on my pizza, and Newcastle is my beer of choice. Thanks.

  3. Yea! Welcome to life without TV!!! Btw, who is this Ali chick that everyone keeps talking about? JK!

    LOVE the quality projects that were accomplished in place of tv :-) I showed the photos to Kingsley and he offered his cuddling services to assist with any of the aforementioned projects. I’d be careful about letting him play Solitaire though, he cheats (and by saying “cheats” we mean “eats the cards”) :-)

  4. woo hoo! nice write up once again…always very entertaining. Were you really sleeping or were those pretty posed pics as you look amazin’ while you sleep— I was looking for one with the mouth open and drool hanging out..isn’t that how you really sleep/nap?

    also, i’ve been forced into a slight tv challenge for about the past 3 months now as well. Our TV in the living room broke so that has really cut down on my tv. Now, I pretty much watch about 15 minutes before bed and that’s it. I still catch a show here and there in teh basement but no longer shows I must see from week to week….also ryan and I enjoy the quietness of the upstairs but you’ll never get me to cancel so z man you can come out anytime for a baseball game! 😉

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