Get In My Belly: Fridge Pickles

I hope these pickle your fancy.

In fine form, I stole this recipe from here.  Not only are her pictures perfect, but she seems like a nicer person than I am.  Oh well.

Ingredients:  See picture below.

1.  I used fresh dill.  A big wad of it from the farmer’s market.

2.  I didn’t have dill seeds so I added more fresh dill, naturally.  Therefore, my pickles looked like they were swimming in a murky dill swamp.  Moving on.


1. Follow the recipe (double the liquid like she recommends) because you all know that I’m notorious for not following recipes.  As noted here and here.  For your viewing pleasure, an action shot.

The end product:

2.  Eat them as fast as you can.  I’m serious.

3. You could gift them to people IF you are feeling generous.  Or, if you said something inappropriate at the last family get together and need to make up for it somehow, then these pickles just might smooth things over.  Good luck.

7 thoughts on “Get In My Belly: Fridge Pickles

  1. It’s also important to adorn them with cute labels made from fancy paper. This enhances both the taste and the apologetic effect for step 3.

    • Just recently I was given a few fabulous cucumbers from a very kind and generous gardener to the north of me. They will be making their way into a few salads and some pickle jars soon!

  2. Dear Cucumber – you have NEVER TASTED SO GOOD. iHeart You. A Lot.

    Candace – I think that Get In My Belly is a FANTASTIC recipe book in the making!!! Yum Yum and YUM!!!

    iHeart YOU too!!!

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