SpotLife: A wild wedding weekend.

SpotLife:  A chance for me to tell you Internets how lovely, fascinating, inspiring, and action packed my day to day life is.  Hold on, things are going to get crazy up in here.

The Hub’s little bro and darling fiance (now WIFEY) tied the knot in early August.  We got to tag along and were on our very best behavior.  I even shampooed my hair for the occasion!

But, let me back up first.  There have been a lot of sweet and fun days leading up to Ben and Melissa’s I Do…

1.  Bridal Shower #1

We had ourselves a fancy little party with gorgeous company and fabulous food.  Melissa has extremely good taste when it comes to picking girlfriends (who hosted this fine gala) and family members (whom, in my humble opinion, are awesomely charismatic, stylish and superbly intelligent).  Here we are.  Left to right: the candace, the Bride, our MIL (Mother In Law) Betsy, and Melissa’s Mom Jane.

2.  Baseball Bridal Shower #2

We celebrated with hot dogs, peanuts and a Saints Game (complete with veils and top hats)!  Melissa started to have second thoughts about joining the clan…

I don’t remember who won the game but I do know there was cake.  The message got lost in translation somehow but it was still a home run (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Here is the family of honor: Ben, Melissa and their Cutie Patootie Noah.

3.  Bachelorette Par-tay

The girls met up in for some girly gifts, dinner (and later, dancin’ but luckily my old lady legs didn’t “beat up the beat”).  Don’t be silly, of course there was a tiara.

4.  Estrogen-y Fabulousness – Pedis with the Ladies

I chose red because I am spicy like that.  Don’t worry about the disaster that is my paper flippy floppy.

5.  Manly stuff – a backyard BBQ with the dudes

While the girls were getting their spa on – the boys got together for some beer drinking, grilling and lawn games in Gabriel and Tony’s beautiful backyard oasis.  Here are the (very handsome) brothers of the Groom.

6.  There was a bachelor party too…but that was (thankfully?) not documented by anyone.  Also thankfully not documented was the Great Driving Meltdown of 2010.  Please, please, (please) don’t bring this up.  It will upset me.

7.  Rehearsal Dinner

While the Very Important People were rehearsing for the Big Day…I was assigned as the Cake Guardian (which just so happens to be a strength of mine) and it was my job to make sure they made it to the Rehearsal Dinner venue safely.  My awesome MIL made these 4 masterpieces and they were as yummy as they looked!

MIL Masterpieces

The Chef herself and her dashing middle son.

And here, The Cute Couple of Honor!  They are getting married, hooray!

You know how every wedding has to have a few obligatory invited relatives that no one really feels comfortable around?  I found the ones for this wedding right away at the Rehearsal Dinner.  Take a look these nutjobs.

Just in case you weren’t sure, those are pecans…


While the Hubs was busy at the church with photos, I kicked off my morning with some heavenly white chocolate mocha and naturally, a self timer picture.

Back at the church, the girls were getting ready…

The Co-Maids of Honor (Bridget and Melinda) putting on their beautiful hand crafted jewelry made by Melissa and Betsy.

My sister Becky was a bridesmaid too.  She is tanner than I am.

Here are all of Melissa’s stunning ladies.  Aren’t their flowers out of this world?

I’m naughty and didn’t get a picture of the guys all snazzied up.  BECAUSE I’M A BAD PERSON.  And what’s even worse…I didn’t get ANY pictures of the ceremony either!  I was all wrapped up in the moment and lost my blogger mind.  *sigh*  Forgive me, please?

After the ceremony, the Hubs partied like a rockstar with the wedding party in the limo and so I was all by my lonesome again.  I teamed up with another Lost Soul (Alina, girlfriend of a groomsmen) and we headed to the reception together.  But not without a photoshoot first.  At a playground.


At the reception, we dined and toasted and smiled a lot.  There were speeches, tears and little Noah sang Itsy Bitsy Spider in SPANISH to the whole crowd.  Cutest Moment on Record?  Yes, it was.

This is the only picture I managed to get of the wedded couple together (I blame my cake coma)…ooohlala.

Guess who won that garter??  Hopefully there will be another wedding in the family!?!

Me and my Hubs.  You already know that I think he’s the best.

Watch out world, now there are a couple of us making mischief and looking hot while doing it.

It was a beautiful day to celebrate two people we love very much.  Many congratulations to you, Ben and Melissa.  I hope you got some kick butt presents.

I’ll leave you with one more picture.  I doubt you are prepared for it but here comes the cutest picture of all time.


Are your relatives as good looking as mine??

6 thoughts on “SpotLife: A wild wedding weekend.

  1. OH. MY. GOSH.

    Noah Garbow?! Whyyy is he so cute? I love him so much. Copies, please please please?

    Best post ever. Well, aside from the tomatoes/plants post. And the runnies. And the lists. 😛

    PS, when are you coming over?!

    • I’ve got a cd of pics ready to drop in the mail for you!!
      Hopefully I can come over soon? Maybe a dinner party so we can use all of your fun wedding gifts??

    • I know how he got so cute. It’s all in his genes. They say boys named “Noah” tend to take after their youngest uncle, after all. Just sayin.

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