Raves and Faves: AUGUST

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of August loves. In other words, another chance to List thingys. *claps*

1.  Meeting these sweet little Cuddle Bugs.

Baby Keaden

Baby Max

2.  COFFEE ICE CREAM.  How come people don’t drink THIS every morning???

3.  Love and marriage.  Remember the good time we had?


4.  Blanching and freezing sweet corn to gobble up in the winter months.  How terrific will a bag of that be come February!?

5.  This water jug.  First of all, jug is a great word.  Secondly, we bring this water jug to our summer soccer games when it’s especially hot out.  And, my Mom used to bring this SAME water jug to my brother’s soccer games when he was nine.  Isn’t that sweet and slightly disturbing considering the bacteria living in there most likely voted in the last election?  Do any of you still use something from ‘way back in the day’?


6.   Minnesota State Fair’s deep fried pickles with cream cheese.  If I wasn’t trying to impress my in-laws with good behavior, I would have busted out a yeeeha and galloped around on an imaginary horse.  They were that good.

7.  The Hubs.  He’s already on my All Time Favorite People List.  But, he made it on this one too.  Eight months out of the year, he dedicates his Saturdays to teaching high school students computer programming.  In late summer, this class culminates into a week long National conference (held this year in Philadelphia) where a small team of students compete in a 7 hour programming challenge.  The many summer practice sessions has been extremely hard to juggle (I said jug again!  Funny stuff!) between his two software companies, a wedding in the family, our sports leagues and just plain summer craziness.  But, his hard work has been worth it.  These students are extremely bright and have once again dominated at the conference by taking home the FIRST PLACE prize (for the 4th year in a row)!!  I’m SO proud of the Hubs and his students.

September, come hither.  I am ready for you.

18 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: AUGUST

  1. I, too, like jugs (water, of course).

    Also add to the list:

    8. Fantasy football drafts (darn-it, dork revealed!)

    9. Wife’s zucchini bread. Please, oh please, can we get a “Get In My Belly” for it? The more people baking that greatness the better. Especially if they like to share.

  2. My own #1…having my buds from MN visit MI..and of course, a close #2 was the creation of the voice of blue lizard! We had friends over last week, and Everett kept calling one of them Zack and trying to make him play with his blue lizard toy…too funny! I would also like to give a shot out to my 25 year old cooler, still sporting my maiden name, and carrying many of the same bacteria likely found in your “jug”.

    • I think #2a, #2b, and #2c will all be blue lizard voices, considering it changed every time. :) I’ll have it nailed down by the next time we visit though!

      We miss hanging out with the Cooper clan!

    • Gina, it’s quite possible that you birthed the most adorable son EVAR.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one risking my life using ‘vintage’ tupperware. Also, our trip to MI was a total summer highlight and I have a very funny feeling there be a blog post coming soooon.

  3. Look at all the BEAUTIFUL babies!!! *claps* LOVE it!!! I agree with Zack, there does need to be a Get in My Belly post for zucchini bread….and deep fried pickles with cream cheese! :-) And if the “jug” every misses the cooler sporting the maiden name, just let me know. Btw, whenever I pull out the cooler, people ask me who Pederson is and why did I steal his/her cooler. :-)

    Last but not least, I agree with Seester Melissa, Zack does look like a cardboard cutout of himself (in a good way) and it got me thinking of all the fun places cardboard cutout Zack could go! (sort of like the Travelocity Gnome) :-)

    • I’m so glad to hear my maiden named cooler is getting plenty of summer action and this will be an especially important piece to hang onto when I become famous.
      Also, a traveling cardboard cutout of Zack is a brilliant idea. I may have to take action on this.

  4. First, who are these cute cuddlebugs?! They are adorable, indeed!

    Secondly, I heard about the State Fair pickles…I am making a date with the State Fair for next year just for this reason. Although, it would be especially helpful if you could figure out how to make them and post them on GIMB (yes, I just acronym-ed it)…perhaps even a low fat version. ha-ha.

    Third (does this girl ever shut it?), love your other list-makers, congrats to Zack and crew, and 100% agree on the Z-bread, which I think you should name yours and patent it. Doesn’t it sound cool that way? “what are you bringing to the party?”….”oh, me? I’ll probably whip up a batch of wicked Z-bread…”. Um, Yeee-AH!

    Lastly, I like to add to the list…SO, for August, fresh tomatoes from the garden (as shown by the tomato babies…) and realizing that we best be enjoying these last long days of summer since you can feel the days getting shorter. I am also ready for September…bring on the fall.

    PS – does everyone also have a large, pastel tupperware bowl (say 16-ish inches in diameter) with an impossibly difficult lid that has been passed down to them from who-knows-how-many years ago?

    • The cuddlebugs are: 1. Elin, baby girl of our dear MI friends. 2. Keaden, baby boy of Connie and Ryan. 3. Max, baby boy of SWE’er Laura (remember her?). Aren’t they Caa-ute?

      Zbread. I LIKE IT. And, I love the GIMB acronym because important things have acronyms.

      I’m also gobbling up those last tomatoes and sweet corn – if only those could last through the winter! And yes, until just recently (when I could replace my old stuff with delightful new wedding goodies), I owned that hand-me-down pastel green tupperware with an ill fitting lid – as any good Midwestern Girl should.

  5. yet another awesome list and I can’t argue with #1 as it is my #1 for August as well! 😉 Now I just have to get to MI to meet little Elin as well

    yes, please pass along the zucchini bread recipe. Lib gave us a loaf last week and I have managed to eat the entire loaf on my lonesome but now I need to bake myself some more.

    I have a fantasy draft on Monday (that z is in too) — Candace, you want to join me and help me draft my team this year? You are more than welcome to come out and cuddle with Keaden and converse over who picked up the best players and I’d love your help bidding on players while I try to manage Keaden (Kenzie will be with a sitter but I have to keep Keaden home so I can feed teh little bugger)

    • By popular demand, the wicked Zbread is coming to a blog post near you! I have a conflict for Labor Day evening but will take you up on cuddling soon!

  6. Thanks for including us on your list (Max is blushing as I type) :) The cuddlebug is now smiling and cooing and generally being adorable – Mom is so smitten! Was so good to see you! Happy September!

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