Fancy Pants

Weddings.  It’s a chance for two people to make some powerful promises and for us to shower and wear something fancier than smelly workout clothes.  Without further ido ado, here we are all schnazzied up.

Ben & Melissa’s Rehearsal Dinner.  We don’t know why Zack decided to wear jeans.  Strike 1.

Ben & Melissa’s Wedding.  This pic was taken at an awkward angle,  from really far away with a foggy camera lens.  Strike 2.

Nate and Cathy’s Wedding.  We are sitting with a classy plastic beer cup and Zack’s tie had mutinied against us. Strike 3.

Jill and Weston’s wedding.  We had a little time to kill so we stopped in for some hot eats, cool treats and a redunkulous self timer picture.  Also, my hair needs highlights ASAP.  Strike 4 (because we require leniency), and we’re out.

This is the time where you shower us with compliments anyway.  I’m waiting.

8 thoughts on “Fancy Pants

  1. The clothes don’t wear you, YOU wear the clothes! right? :-) Despite the wardrobe malfunctions, you two still managed to have all your awesomeness shine through anyway!

  2. hunnies…you rook marvelous as billy crystal used to say as ricardo monteban. work is busy and by 730 i am having brain malfunctions. it is good to see your sweet faces love mamap

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