These are some soggy days

My week started out like this:

thecandace peeks out at her running buddy: “Think we should still run?”

Becky: “Let’s do it, I can’t imagine it’ll start raining any harder than it is right now.”

thecandace: “You’re right.  Let’s hit it.”

But, Becky was not right.  We got soaked.

And you know what?  The rain hasn’t stopped coming.  It’s been raining, no, POURING since then.  Basically, Minnesota is sinking into the ocean and I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen until 2012?

Stay dry? And try to make it to Friday.  Flashback Friday.

Update: This flood was a nasty one and Minnesota is still reeling from all of the water it received and the damage it caused. I know many houses and roads (and everything in between) were destroyed. I send out my best wishes of healing and hope during this very sad and crappy time.

7 thoughts on “These are some soggy days

    • Tai, my slicked up hairdo would easily make Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet look suave. But, because you say nice things to me, I’ll be inviting myself over for dinner again soon. Hooray for you.

  1. I hadn’t realized it was raining so much in MN! I hope your house is dry and safe.

    Miss you! Trying to work out a trip to MN but it never seems to happen. :(

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