Bag it up

I love a good bag .  I love having stuff to PUT in bags.


It’s in my DNA.  My Mom has the same problem…affinity for an uber kick butt bag.  If I were to access my bag Situation


…I would say I have just enough but with plenty of room for 1 (or 15) more.  Holla if you are with me.  No, don’t do that.

There are places to go, people to see, and stuff to cart around.   In BAGS.  *claps*  So, that got me thinking.  What the heck am I packin’ that makes mine so dang heavy?  It’s not the Benjamins weighing me down.  So, wanna find out with me?  We can hold hands, if that helps.

Bag Interrogated:  Target, $13 clearance score, so yummy I could gnaw on it.


Here, the bag puke:

Three pairs of sunglasses?  Excessive.  Cherry tomatoes??  Random.  Look at that phone.  It might bring in the bling if I inquired about it at the Antique Road Show.  Ibuprofen and Pamprin?  Concerning.  A pair of mittens?  AND a pair of socks?  Those are not even mine.  It’s a long story.  Anyway.  I cleaned up my bag life and now I’m toting around a lot less stuff and even less Benjamins (cursed Old Navy).

Speaking more of bags – even though I have a sneaky suspicion you wanted this post to end even before it started – did you know if you bring your reusable bags into Target, they’ll knock 5cents (for each reusable bag) off your total?  A good friend filled me in.  It’s not much but every little bit counts and I’m not a huge fan of hauling all of those plastic bags home every grocery run.  Here are my grocery/farmer’s market bags that I keep in my car:


Cuteness factor: A lot  Happy Mama Earth Points: 37.6

I’ve got to round up some “manly” reusable bags for the Hubs.  The pink plaid makes him uncomfortable.  Plus, he needs keep his grubby paws off of it, that bag is MINE.

Do you hoard bags like I do?  Should we start a support group as an excuse to hit up a great restaurant and eat dessert for dinner?

12 thoughts on “Bag it up

  1. Love it – I get in a bag rut, where I use the same purse/bag all the time for like a month or more. My current is *teal*, which I love (and got on sale at NY&C – also great bag bargains from time to time!) and you never have to worry about shoe or outfit coordination (which usually occurs to me as an after thought as I am driving somewhere). Way to embrace your bag loving!

  2. I request that my Target tote contain no pink, be adorned with the Vikings or Twins logo, and optionally have a dragon, flames, or a T-Rex printed on it.

    Yeah, that should be manly enough for me.

  3. I love, love, LOVE bags! Especially big colorful bags! With lots of stuff in them. Btw, I was impressed/scared at your bag puke. Will the-socks-that-aren’t-yours end up as a blog post someday? Curious minds want to know…. :-)

  4. Super duper! I am glad you inherited one of the few good qualities that I possess. I think a old bag club would be terrific. I buy bags all the time and never use them. I need counseling. ::)) We should market some hip bags for shopping. Maybe then people would use them and save the earth.
    Having Zack use a pink bag would reflect poorly upon me, wouldn’t it? A dino bag is a must. You can do it Trielle.
    Next clubs would have to be Shoes and Jewelry. AARGH!!
    love mamap

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