Candace’s Crafty Corner: An Afternoon Pumpkin De-white

This is my corner of the world to make things and post them on the Internet.  Whether they are ugly or not.  You’re welcome.

The leaves are changing and that’s got me itching to Fall-ify my little casa (which is still for sale).  While the Hubs thought I was going grocery shopping, I skipped over to Hobby Lobby instead.  Fall ceramic goodie decor was 50% off and I had my credit card locked and loaded.

And that’s where I bought these lovelies fuglies.  Yeah.


I don’t think the picture does them justice. They had a shiny iridescent sheen that reminded me of how the Gulf probably looks right now which is SO SUPER SAD, please get me started.

The 16 year old cashier looked at me in horror as she wrapped up my purchases and sent me away with the silence that I knew was JUDGMENT.  I didn’t blame her.

Then, I went to Menards and picked up some supplies to transform these little monstrosities.


First, I tried to sand the oil slick coating off with the sand paper sponge I had bought from Menards.  It didn’t work.  That crap was shellacked, cemented, not-going-anywhere with this wimpy sandpaper.  So, I used some general purpose sand paper that I already owned and that seem to rough it up enough for the paint to stick to (and probably loosened up an ample amount of wonderful fugly dust for me to inhale).  I wiped it down and let it dry.  I’m not really sure if this is necessary and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know what I am doing.  You’ve been warned.

I moved straight to the spray paint.  Until now, I was a spray paint virgin.  But, that all changed this past weekend.

I got some great spray painting tips from a few blogs I stalk:

1. Don’t buy cheap spray paint. Rustoleum is a great brand (especially for metal projects).

2.  Shake the product as noted on the can (shake it up really, really well and count it as your workout for the day like I did).

3.  Start spraying outside of the object and make straight, overlapping, LIGHT, passes (left to right, for example) starting from the base of the object.

4. Plan to do a few light coats to get even (non drippy) coverage.


And.  Here.  My finished product.  Ooohs and aaaaahhs are appreciated.  And if you gave birth to me, they are required.

Cool, huh?  They remind me of these sexy versions.  Now, I have to brainstorm where to put them.

You probably couldn’t give a crap but here is what I paid for this fall fun:

  • Ceramic Pumpkin/Squash:  $5.50 and $4.50
  • Spray paint: $3.44
  • Sandpaper sponge that I’m using for my next pedicure: $2.94
  • General Purpose sandpaper:  $FREE (from my paint bin)
  • Hubs relief that I was busying myself with a project instead of bothering him:  $priceless

Total: $16.50 which, coincidentally, is about the same amount of money that I spent on fun clearance scarves this weekend.  I bought 4 of them, upping my collection to 9.  I can’t wait to wear them and add an instant 15lbs to my face.  Go me.

Also, the probability of my house selling fell from 0.005% to I-probably-will-have-to-pay someone-to-buy-it% because now the front yard looks like this:


Did anyone else DIY this weekend when they should have been grocery shopping?

21 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: An Afternoon Pumpkin De-white

  1. OMG I love your white and green grass!!!! I think arts and crafts are the bomb. You are so holidayifiest – totally rock. Your sweet mama p is painting the basement. I spent 4 weekends just scrubbing around the laundry area. I bought 3 gallons of super basement paint. Because I can’t read small print, I didn’t see that it was not water soluble. OOPs. When I finished, Penny (the corgi) had polka dots on her back and nose. Sierra (the mutt) had a white back and black legs. Mama P was white (like a mime) on the face, arms to elbows, toes to knees. I took a can of paint thinner to the back step and worked on removing the NOT WATER SOLUBLE paint off of my body. Tom, the neighbor, looked aghast and probably went in to tell Linda (his wife) about the weird goings on next door. This will result in hate mail, I am sure. ::)) The girls, Penny and Cinnamon, wouldn’t stand still for a wipe down so polka dots are still in evidence. Sweet. Love you mamap

    • Your painting project sounds very fashion forward with the dogs sporting new polka dots!! Who doesn’t love polka dots!? And, I fear, your neighbors are probably not surprised by much of anything after all of the projects you’ve undertaken over the years…

  2. Someday, on your next project, try the Rustoleum paint in the new cans that are designed to spray at “any” angle they are held, even upside down. It makes for a really nice outcome in tight spaces. BTW..your pumpkins look awesome!

    • Good tip! I will have to check that out for next time. And I think there really will be a next time because this project went a lot smoother then I anticipated…. Thanks for the encouragement! Now, off to decorate for fall!

  3. You are so funny.
    I’m headed to Hobby Lobby after work tonight! It’s for the “have to finish the guest room before the guest comes next Monday.”
    But, should you choose to come visit the sunny state of Colorado (snowboarding….), you’ll have new curtains and new wall decor to welcome you. And you will get your own bathroom. I can even make yummy food and won’t make you drink veggie juice. Can you tell I”m hinting that the door is always open for a visit???? :)

  4. nice write up once again…a bit puzzling so I have to ask why you didn’t just buy the pumpkins white to start with? I’m guessing either hard to find or expensive? 😉 I think the ones you linked to were over $20 though, after this write up it looks like it was definitely worth the work effort to sand and paint the shiney orange ones

    • Yep, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. They did have creamy country-ish ones at Hobby Lobby but I decided to make my own!

  5. Great job! Me and spray paint have agreed to not get along. That way nothing gets thrown.

    I loved the line “And if you gave birth to me, they are required.”!! So funny!

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