Only 20 Good Years Left

Meet MamaP.

You’ve read her comments, which are guaranteed to be two things.  Sweet and Quirky.  And we need more sweet and quirky in the world so I thought I would feature my first guest blogger, evar: MamaP.  I’m hoping she’ll be a regular.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Candace invited me to share/blog. I am so excited. So much so, that I have a paper bag to breathe in close by at all times. Anyway, I wrote a small one, entitled “Only 20 Good Years Left,” a blogette, of 1000 pages or so (we will see how much of it she prints).
Somehow, Candace pried the page length of the blog out of me. She tried to explain the word “consumeable” to me. This was, I assume, to give me an idea of how long the blog should be. From what I gathered, it is the exact opposite of droning on and on. As far as I am concerned, she uses too many hand gestures to be a Norwegian. Here we go.

I have never been bothered by my birthdays, actually, I welcomed them. Until the big 60 loomed in 2010. AWK! Ergo, the realization that I have only twenty good years left. This is forcing me to look hard at my life, at each task, invitation, sit-in, argument, with a discerning eye. As I explore the huge question of “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?”…..I will keep you posted on which direction I decide to head. How do you feel about time and birthdays?

10 thoughts on “Only 20 Good Years Left

  1. My birthdays keep coming but time has floated above me, somehow unrelated. I feel like a little girl still, moving around awkwardly in a 31 year old paradox. Shouldn’t I be wiser? Shouldn’t my life be more certain instead of this absurd feeling of perpetually “winging it”??

  2. Good to see MamaP on the blogging bandwagon. Looking forward to seeing what comes next… sweet and quirky is right down my alley!

  3. I just love MamaP and hope she writes more and more. Seriously, I sense a deep well of BS coming with a capital B (Sister Janet is very rude and I hope she takes more classes on empathy and tact) BTW, I love that Megan girl very astute young lady!!!! Smooches ::))

  4. I don’t know how to reply to Candace and Zack but they are the best.!!! Candace will give me another pep talk on how to get this going. ::)) mamap

  5. Candace, my dear friend – wise? not winging it? It is my *hunch* that the people who are wisest in the end are those who never think they are wise…they continue seeking…taking life in stride, always learning, loving, exploring… so, I think you’re right on the perfect track and are right where you are supposed to always be. Stay wise, my dear friend – certainty is for mathematics, otherwise in life, I think it is called boredom. Cheers to THAT…

    • Best comment ever. I love your logic and reasoning and this is the passionate Megs I admire so much! Ditto on “Cheers to THAT”…Life, here we come!!!

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