Raves and Faves: SEPTEMBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of September loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  FALL shopping!  I kept bringing home bags of scarves and sweaters until the Hubs face started to turn purple.  But, I’m just getting started with my secret wardrobe overhaul.  I’ll be sure to get Hubs some medication to help him cope.  For example, I need:

Image courtesy of Old Navy, the promise land.

And I also need black boots and a cute new wool coat and a cold weather scarf and mittens to match the new cute wool coat and a few more sweaters and a dslr and some hair accessories and some tank tops with ruffles and rosettes on them and some new running gear and…

2.  Speaking of turning purple, I also picked up some yummy plummy nail polish.  Because purple and fall go together like chips and salsa.  You KNOW how I love me some chips and salsa.

3.  Wine tasting with my lady friends.  Under the guise of “bookclub”, we drank wine, ate cheese and I decided to wear exactly the same outfit as Emily, My Girl Crush.  Copying is the finest form of flattery, right?  Right?  I feel bad about it but aren’t our matching boots totally adorable?

4.  Snuggling up in heavier blankets now that the cool air has finally rushed in!  Isn’t that so nice and cozy?  It’s totally out-of-this-world-awesomeness until you have to get OUT of bed and go to work.  That part sucks.  Still searching for a workaround.  I’ll keep you posted.

5.  Reconnecting with two of my running buddies from long ago, Sree and Jerry.  They had to drop me off on the first loop of their long run and come get me with their car.  That’s what good running buddies are for.  They are good peoples.

6.  My new gray boots!

Image courtesy of Kohls (we’re besties!)

7.  Sunday Fundays now that football season is here!  I love my weekend date with the Vikings.  They want me to nap, they insist it gives them good luck!

P.S.  We might have gotten TV back.  Don’t tell anyone.

The month of PUMPKIN SPICE and everything nice is upon us.  Was your September worth a remember?

15 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: SEPTEMBER

  1. A fabulous September list! I can almost not think of anything to add…but I will…could go with the obvious but wondeful fresh influx of apples and their associated goodness OR our many beautiful state parks to enjoy the perfect temps and changing leaves (just fresh back from Gooseberry Falls and Jay Cooke, which were awesome!). Happy October!

    • Megs, those are some very kick butt additions! We didn’t hit up apple picking yet (what is wrong with me!) but thankfully a friend dropped off a whole big batch! I can’t imagine how stunning Gooseberry falls would be this time of year! Yay for October!

  2. Love your list. Love your boots. Love the changing color on the trees….although,.. It is about this time of year that i am no longer as enamored with the yard and garden. I am looking for a nice snowfall to cover up all of the projects that were started but never finished. I love stews and soups and bread. I made split pea soup today with thyme and bay leaves and it tastes wonderful. **** My sister, Janet, left for Kansas City, Mo. this morning and I miss her already. Alan and Linda left for Lake City, Mn, to visit her relatives. I miss them as well. It is the first time in 11 years all of the siblings were together with Dad. ***** Fall is a beautiful thing. ::)) love mamap

  3. Love the matching boots. Too bad I’m not in Rochester, I could have pulled out my *almost* matching boots and sweater. Great minds think alike, right? :)

    • They do and I miss my little (and tall) fashionista-twin-engineer friend. Let’s get together soon and drink wine and wear boots in the mountains. You game? Warn Steve.

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