Basically, I’m famous.

That’s right.


I’ve been asked to guest blog on a Real Blog.  Emily’s blog.   I’ve been prancing around like an idiot ever since I found out.  Please do me a favor and check it out?  Click on the link.  You know you want to.  Pretty please??

14 thoughts on “Basically, I’m famous.

    • A definite article all to myself – yeeeha! Dang, I have really hit the Big Top. You say nice things and I think we should be bloggy friends. Can we??

  1. Woo-hoo. I added my 50 cents on Emily’s/Candace’s guest blog. Way to go sweet heart. your biggest fan (and not just in pounds) love mamap

  2. Way to go from another fan…very funny and fun….but, when you tease yourself so much, others who don’t know you may not realize how super-fab-cool you are. Just wanted to throw that out there for future posts…although those great pics are a good showcase! Happy fall – can’t wait to see the cards. Funny thing, ‘cuz each year I am amazed with yours and ask myself, how does she have time to be so crafty/clever/lovely? 😉 Your no-life-Fail illusion has not been lost on me.

    • Ah, Megs, you are a good friend. I’m coming cleaning with my No Life Fail Illusion! It’s way too much work to maintain!

  3. I know I’m like hours behind on reading your guest post (I’m a bad blog buddy!) but I love the boots in your jumping in the air pics!

    ps- I never send Christmas cards… whoops…

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