Candace’s Crafty Corner: A Wicked Wreath

This is my corner of the world to make things and post them on the Internet.  Whether they are ugly or not.  You’re welcome.

I wanted a wicked wreath and I wanted one now.  On the cheap.

A friend took me on a gorgeous hike to take in the fall colors.  It was perfect weather for stick hunting.  I convinced my friend to let me jam all of my sweet sticks into her newly vacuumed car.  She was too nice to say anything but I know she cursed me later.


At home, I tied them in an awful looking rectangle.


I used cream yarn leftover from a wedding project (read: FREE).  But, it was cream and looked super uncool.  I started to get nervous but kept at it.


I had some black spray paint (which I bought five years ago) that I was going to use to touch up my scratched fireplace.  Laziness and apathy set in and I never tackled that project.  The fireplace is still scratched up and this spray paint is not made for wood.  But, it was FREE.  So, I used it.


It turned out like so.  I kinda liked how the yarn soaked up the snarly paint.  It was getting spookier…


A couple more sweeps of the spray paint and it was done.  But, it needed more Spooky.  I bought some glitter spiders from Walmart, the Hubs help me put on some fake spiderwebs (leftover from last year, ahem, FREE) and I picked up some black wide ribbon from JoAnn Fabric and hung this creepiness up.

Originally, we had it hanging lower (it looked really awesome) but it banged up against the siding and trim and scuffed it up with nice black marks (gah!).  So we had to string it up taught to prevent it from moving around much.

What do you think??  Need more pictures?  Ok.



Want to know the grand total?

  • Sticks: $FREE
  • Yarn: $FREE
  • Spray paint: $FREE + $HOUSE SCUFFING
  • 8 pack of Spiders: $2
  • Ribbon: $1.98 +$GRIMACE because I could have used a coupon but forgot it
  • Cobwebs: $FREE

Total: $4 , boooyah!

Have you started stocking up on Halloween candy yet?  No?  Get on that.

22 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: A Wicked Wreath

  1. Ok…so I have to admit…I am becoming quit fond of your blogging. I am a huge fan of Emily’s and since you blogged there I went to your blogs lately. By the way…I love your sense of humor!
    We are huge Halloween people so I am loving your post today. Mostly that it was creative and on the cheap. Seems like some of the best Halloween ideas are always cheap or free! Thanks so much for all the laughs.

    • Melissa, welcome! I feel SO cool – thank you for your very sweet comment. My self esteem also thanks you. I’m glad you liked the post today – isn’t Halloween a fun holiday?

  2. You are too funny…. but now I’m pissed I went to Crate & Barrel this weekend and bought a wreath instead of bringing some sticks home from our nature adventures….

    • Oooh, Crate and Barrel…YUM. I’d better make a date with them soon. Post it on your blog so I can drool and squeal. It’ll be fun for everyone.

  3. That wreath is some seriously scary stuff. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll scare away the kids who interrupt the games on Football Sunday to try to sell me popcorn.

  4. love it candace! you are so creative. and your blog is massively entertaining. you’ve got mad skillz woman! ps – glad to see that you protected the yard for this spray painting adventure 😀

    • *blushes* Karley – thank you, thank you! Yes, although it did cross my mind that a black and white zebra print lawn might be a cool effect. Hubs talked me out of it…

  5. so cool! this turned out awesome but if I were a kid in your neighborhood I might not come knocking on the door simply because I’ll be spooked out by the spiders!!!

    again, love the crafty corner!

    now, can you come out and make something crafty for my front door?

    • Let’s get our craft on. Hopefully I’ll have so much extra candy leftover (because the kiddos will be scared away) that I can restock your supply which miraculously dwindles at a high rate of speed every time I come over.

  6. Love the wreath. Zack needs to put some lcd lights in there for me when I come trick or treating. Blind as a bat as it were. Speaking of on the cheap, I have a huge piece of white packing material (like a sheet) and want to make a halloween costume out of it. Someone suggested ITT from Addams family. Any other good ones? Angels are out because of the wings. Maybe a ghost with an attitude. Carry a machine gun.

    • How about a toilet paper quilt? Coming from the girl who had the worst costume of all time last year, I wouldn’t take anything I say too seriously. I sure don’t.

  7. Love your spooky wreath – how do you think of these things, seriously? I mean, now, it seems such an obvious combination of materials + creativity…but that flow of events would never, never take place in my own brain. I will revel in yours! 5 stars! And, when you do get your creativity working on costume ideas, love to hear those too…

    • Ah shucks, thank you, Megs! I saw a twig wreath pic on Better Homes and Garden (read, stolen idea) but mine didn’t turn out cutesy and symmetrical like theirs so I did what any desperate DIYer would do – add GLITTER SPIDERS. Also, costumes are not my forte. A blog post regarding these adventures coming soon…

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