Playing with sharp objects

We crammed a gaggle of kind friends into our townhome and got to carving masterpieces on the disgusting linoleum floors.  Despite the floor of doom and the cramped quarters, we had ourselves a very merry time.  SO merry in fact, I neglected to take a picture of all our happy little party goers!

But, I put this together to help you imagine the fun time you missed out on.

People were in charge of bringing their own pumpkins:

Some of which we carved:

Notice how Hubs put his fatty pumpkin center stage, blocking the others.  It’s like taking a family photo and putting the short people in back.  I farted in his general direction in protest.  He wasn’t phased.

In other news, our October Streak of Summer ended abruptly yesterday.  Brrrrr.  But, we were prepared.

Did you get to play with knives yet?

15 thoughts on “Playing with sharp objects

  1. Candace – your blog ALWAYS brings a smile to my face!! I love the group photo and the carved punkins are bundled up for the cold weather! I love the Jack punkin – it makes me want to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas! :-) That was a super fun night – thanks for hosting! Love the pic of my furry punkin – we both had a blast!

    • It was a very fun night with friends! Wish I had gotten a “real” group shot and some pics of the Connie & Ryan’s pumpkins!

  2. I don’t have the patience, nor skill, to carve these things. I’ll leave that to the creative wife.

    We visited the Crayola factory one year and were allowed to make something out of their molding clay. Rebecca got really creative and sculpted a cat out of the clay.

    Me? I formed a ball with the clay and smashed it on the table. I called it the blob.

  3. I carved a pumpkin at work today (we do a contest for charity) and it was god awful this year. I have carpal tunnel pain and it ended up looking like swiss cheese. Yours are way better.

    • I seem to doubt that – your Macky pumpkin was out of this world so I know you’ve got mad skills! What a bummer about your carpel tunnel. :(

  4. Oh Honey – you are the best. You have to be an event planner or something along those lines. You have great ideas. I could be your taste tester for the caterers. There is no I in Team ::)) love mamap

    • So gracious to offer your services! Maybe I can plan the parties and you could “bring the party”? We’d make a good pair.

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  6. i’ve got some catching up to do on this blog….

    man, sericously, I look so darn fat in the group photo. Now you ahve to run all photos of me by me first!

    Love the write up once again and will now spend the next 30 min trying to catch up on the rest

    again, thanks for a fun party and letting us carve our pumpkins at your house aka making a mess out of your floor!

    • Thank YOU – we enjoyed the fabulous company and the pumpkin guts distracted from our nasty floors, so for that, I was very relieved!! :O

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