Raves and Faves: OCTOBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of October loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Got to see my relatives.  For living as close as we do, this doesn’t happen as often as it should.  Here is the standard issue Everyone Sit on the Stairs picture of the girl cousins.  An attractive group, I must confess.

2.  Celebrating a very adorable baby bump (and reconnected with old engineering friends from college.  wait, not OLD old but rather from way-back-when old. but now that I think about it, we are actually old.  dang, how did that happen?).

**update.  I am not pregnant.  The cute blonde in the Middle is (hooray!).  Just to clear things up.

3.  I became even smarter than I was before, which I did not think possible.

4.  I signed up to play in a fall soccer league with people I’ve never met.  And I regretted it after the first game.  But, after a few more games together, I changed my mind.  I’m very much enjoying our little team (even though half of them speak Spanish only) and the kick butt weather that we’ve been having.  We did take a team pic one time but Lou is waiting for it to get “developed”.  Um, really?  Until that happens, I’ll include a picture I found on the internet that bares a close resemblance.  You know which one I am.

5.  Pumpkin carving with friends.  Here, our new “punkin” buddies

Then later, those pumpkins took over our home.

6.  Being a Guest blogger.  I.was.so.stoked.  And hopefully it was a not a Fail.

(pic from failblog.org)

7.  Hubs and I dressed up for Halloween.  Can you guess what we were?

We were tacky lawn flair.  Yes, yes were.

My garden gnome costume cost:  50 cents (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hubs flamingo costume cost:  $6.50 + $shame because people thought he was a pink dolphin.

October got thrown out with the moldy pumpkins and November sneaked on in.  Were you “witchin” October had lasted just a little bit longer like me?

23 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: OCTOBER

  1. OMG I love your costumes!!! That is the best!!! Btw, great team pic of your soccer team Candace!!! You always bring a smile to my face :-)

  2. Love the pic – now I may be a big deal too! :) And, excellent costume…and I’ll be honest, the flamingo may need just a *little* work. Happy November!

  3. Good looking family! And I thought for a minute that I missed a “The Candace is pregnant post” I saw that you celebrated a bump and I was like huuh? I thought we were buddies! How could she not tell me!

    And I had a feeling those were the husband’s feet in the pink…..

    • Thanks, Rebecca! You KNOW I would fill in my bloggy friends if I was preggo (sorry for the confusing post – I should make a little note)!! That’s what friends (who’ve never met) are for!

  4. @Megs, the costume quality of the flamingo is a very sore subject. It should never be mentioned again.

    A few additions to Oct Raves & Faves:

    8. Apple cider and pumpkin seeds
    9. Indian summer (can I say that? is it too un-PC for this blog?)
    10. Watching football (except the Vikings… boo!)
    11. Oct Raves & Faves (whoa, how’s that for recursion! I think the universe is going to implode now)

  5. So, honey, how far along are you, baby bump-wise? Were you impregnated by the pink dolphin? very sensitive questions to deal with in a blog ::)) love oct love you mamap

  6. hilarious once again…really this blog of yours always brightens my day. Can I get an alert when there is a new post so I don’t have to binge on 5 posts all on one day…I need to spread the joy throughout the week!maybe I should schedule it on my work calendar to alert me and spend 15 minutes each day on your blog

    also, I didn’t know what your costumes were til I just read this. I just left you a voicemail as I found some clearanced costumes for the kids to wear next year….I guess they will fit right in with you and zack’s theme but I spent $5 each so me and ryan might need to borrow your adult ones if we dress up with them..though..I do agree Z’s needs a bit more work but I LOVE the pink feet. Perhaps a pink boa would do the trick?

    • oh, forgot to ask..where did you go in your costumes? I mean you didn’t come trick or treat at our house!!! Oh, perhaps 4 pm is too early but glad we were able to track you down and get some candy from you ;D

      • I *wanted* to go trick or treating. We had plans to hit up your house on Sat all dressed BUT let’s just say the Pink Dolphin thought we shouldn’t go on Halloween Eve so he talked me out it (we hit up a place called the Barn Bar with live music). Then I had soccer on Sunday, Hubs refused to don the pink sweat pants ever again, and there was a Vikings game conflict. Dang. But, do you still have candy to hand out? *wink* *wink*

    • A boa is a good suggestion, although there was no saving that awful costume. Thank you for filling me in on the clearance deals at Target – heading there today!

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