Helmet Hair

It’s getting chilly out (well, KINDA.  It’s been an usually warm fall!).  Anyhoo,  it’s time to put the bike away for winter.   I don’t put the helmet away though.  I keep that out and wear it to parties because safety is always my top priority.

I thought I’d bring you along for my last ride.  Oh come on, what else were you going to do for the next 2 minutes?

Hubs packed me a lunch and sent me on my way.  He works from home now and is very relieved when I finally make it out the door and quit my incessant jabbering.

Bye Hubs!  I’ll probably email you 11 times today!

I peddle casually out of my neighborhood and take this quiet time to think about the day ahead.

Before I know it, I realize I am not biking at all anymore.  In fact, I am zooming down the hill from my house (because I am fancy like that) at approximately a bazillion miles per hour (I stopped peddling long ago) and it’s so freaking cold that my nose hairs have frozen together.


It also crosses my mind that if any of the seniors residing in the assisted living center next door decide to take a motorized morning jaunt in their wheelchairs, I might not be able to yield to them since I’m moving at the speed of sound.  Not that they could hear me coming anyway.

It takes a while for me to thaw but once I do, I take the rest of the ride into the office to soak in the fall-y view.

Too soon, I arrive at work.  Off to save the world until I win the lottery!

Well.  It’s been 8 hours and I didn’t save the world but I did pay my energy bill and fought with forgotten passwords.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

I grab my helmet and head out.  I may be reading into things but I think my helmet is trying to tell me something.

That I am special.  Anyway.  I’m off!  People are a lot nicer to me when I am on my bike.  I’d like to think it’s because peace and harmony and kindness abounds in the world and not because they are mistaking me for an 11 year old girl.

Don’t be impressed, the hardest part about this little bike ride is passing by this lovely establishment twice in one day.

How would the Hubs ever know if I swung in and got myself a cup of curly fries before dinner?  Exactly, he wouldn’t.  Let’s keep it that way.

Ah, almost home.

Sorry, that’s the massive assisted living complex that completely blocks the view to my actual house.  You remember my morning concerns.

I just have to make it up the (frozen nose hair) hill until I can rest.  *sigh*  Here it goes…

And after a little while (which seems like forever), I’m home.  Thanks for coming with me.

“Hey Hubs!  Guess who’s hooooome!?!  In other news, I’m so hungry that I could eat my arm off so we need to have dinner right now.”

What is everyone else doing to prep for winter?

16 thoughts on “Helmet Hair

  1. I’m jealous that the hubs works from home. What does he do?

    Arby’s is THE ISH. Roast beef with cheese, please. I don’t eat meat anymore, but those things were mighty good back in the day.

    • Hubs is brainy software entrepreneur. Also, he drinks a lot of coffee. You cut out meat, eh? We were thinking of doing something like that for 2011. What inspired the change?

      • I’m jealous. I don’t have enough courage to make the jump to work at home. But then again, I do enjoy the additional income the world wide web gives us. Maybe one day.

        For me, I was never big into red meat. Sure, I enjoyed a good steak and cheeseburger, but I never really CRAVED these things. Rebecca wasn’t big into meat, either, so when I’d cook at home, we’d always end up doing something more with vegetables than meat. Sooo, I always used to joke around with her that I could probably do the vegetarian thing.

        Plus, neither one of us were fans of the animal treatment that goes on. So step 1 was getting our meat from a free range farm. I think we tried this for about 2 weeks when Rebecca decided it still didn’t make much sense and she’d want to give the vegetarian thing a try.

        I followed suit since I always joked about it — and here we are, two years later, still not eating meat.

        But we cheated here and there. Rebecca loves her pepperoni and I once had a cheesesteak when friends came down to Philly from Ohio. Also, we do the fish thing, too — so perhaps we’re not entirely vegetarian… which leads to my next point…

        For us, it’s not all about OMG I’M NOT EATING MEAT! YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL FOR EATING MEAT! It’s more about US just making an effort not to eat meat.

        I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. Instead of going to a place and ALWAYS getting a steak or ALWAYS getting a chicken dish, it forced me to really think outside of the box. I’ve tried more new meals in the last two years than, well, for as long as I can remember.

        Ok, enough rambling…. must finish work so I can get home

        • I think it’s admirable that this is the right choice for your family and not necessarily a “beef” (hehe) you have with how everyone else is operating. I’m the same way, I’ve never been really wild about meat. I am not vegetarian but have been considering it (I would plan to eat fish still as well). I think being conscious eaters – for the environment and the living beings sharing it with us is always a good thing.

  2. Candace, you still look cute even with helmet hair. +1 the hubs. Btw, now I know why your breath has been smelling like curly fries. Busted! -1 the hubs.

  3. Seriously, I am very jealous that your husband works from home. And that you work close enough to home to bike there.

    And don’t worry, I email the husband more than 11 times per day, then I text him, and if it’s a really good story, he gets a call at his desk…

    • Yes, I consider myself very lucky – the bike ride is VERY short. My friend in CO bikes 20 miles each way! Ack!
      Our Hubs put up with a lot, don’t they?

  4. So glad to hear I’m not the only one who cannot enter the house without announcing how hungry they are – no small talk about how my day was. WHERE’S FOOD???

  5. I love your stories, Trielle. Keep writing them. They are delightful.
    I like the way Mike and Rebecca look at vegetarianism. There is much research to be looked at because food ingredients have changed so much and the food itself has changed since I was young. Always an exciting subject. love mamap

    • I agree, Mamap – food is a very complex thing and something we should think a little harder about. Speaking of which, stay tuned for the next Get In My Belly….

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