Once upon a time,

There was a very lonely little house.  And she lived a very lonely life.
You see, this little house has been on the market since early spring and no one had bothered to give her any attention.  She was extremely depressed.

Until one day, the little house got out asked out on a date.  The little house got all dolled up in her fanciest threads (I cleaned on my hands and knees, sweating excessively) and despite her imperfections (the linoleum), she felt fresh and excited to meet her blind date.

But you know what happened?


I mean, who does that!?

I did what any loving parent would:  fed her a truckload of leftover Halloween candy and dried her disappointed tears.  I told her that I thought she was good enough and smart enough and doggonit, I liked her.

We decided as a family (Hubs, myself and our little house) that we’ll be taking some time off from this dating funny business.  This little house is going to take the winter to build up her confidence, lose some weight, and get a facial.  She’ll come back next spring, ready to meet the boy of her dreams.  Or girl.  Or old couple.  Whomever.  Hopefully she meets SOMEONE who will like her.

Until then, we’ll enjoy our time off the market.  I’m not going to make my bed for an entire week just because.  So there.

20 thoughts on “Once upon a time,

  1. Oh I feel the pain of your little house – and her friends who spent all day cleaning her! We did the same thing for an open house and the only people who came were a few nosey neighbors! Enjoy the “time off”!

    • Gina, you can understand our pain! We will enjoy it – I’m going to sprinkle the lint from the dryer all over the house “just because”! *winks*

  2. Oh my, there goes the neighborhood :( First the bed, what’s next?? :) I suppose the dishes will stack up…sure was a cute little house :) :) My guess is that a fancypants SW program will be developed by one of the owners while the other will integrate the results to create pure elegance . I can hardly wait to see the results.

  3. Poor little house!! I’ve always thought her to be quite the gem! :-) Enjoy the time off, leave dirty clothes on the floor and crumbs in the kitchen while you can little house!! Run amok and be merry I say! :-)

  4. They say that the best time to find true love…or a good match…(or something)…is when you aren’t looking. Maybe off the market is good and something more subtle (I am single but I like rollin’ this way…) may be worth pursuing? I know perhaps it sounds loony, but maybe just keep a free little ad on Craig’s List in case peeps are looking. I know multiple people who have looked for houses on Craig’s List… It may be worth the hookup? (I’m still going with the house dating analogy….although I do also know people who used Craig’s List for hookups. These are OTHER people…totally different people than successful house people….ugh…). Good luck and enjoy the freedom from forced supreme tidiness!

    • Good suggestion, Megs! We’ll take that advice about posting it on Craigslist – it couldn’t hurt! We’ve been enjoying living and making messes in our house again. It’s niiice.

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