Raves and Faves: NOVEMBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of November loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  MamaP turns the big 6-0 this year!  In fact, she turns 6-0 TODAY.  Please wish her loads of happy birthday wishes because she deserves it.  Also, send presents.

Happy Birthday Mom, I am glad you were born.  Also, I’m somewhat indebted to your birth because otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive.

Thank you for always being by my side with support, strength and love.  Today, is YOUR day to feel that in return!!  I love you.

Happy 60th Birthday!!  Cheers to many more!

(I must give a shout out to the other November babies in my family – happy birthday wishes to you all too!)


Image courtesy of http://feelgoodstyle.com

Actually, EMILY is the superhero, but don’t hate me for delegating.

3.  Taking our house off the market.  PHEW.  Now my inner slob can roam wild and free!  Boomshakalaka!

4.  MamaP spoiled me with this awesome reusable bag that is currently tucked away in my purse (it rolls up soooo small!).  I’ve already used it for groceries and can’t wait to fill it with Christmas craziness when I get my shop on.  I super big puffy heart it.

Image from envirosax.com.

5.  Giving thanks, enjoying wonderful meals with family, and eating high calorie desserts. Specifically the MIL’s pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust.

Hub’s enthusiasm for the delicious Thanksgiving grub was pretty apparent…

Myself and my nephew Noah camping out in his fort built of blankets and furniture.  I tried to snap a picture of us but… “Auntie Candace ssshhhh, we are supposed to be sleeping!”

The purple pie eater people in full effect.  We are cutely coordinated, aren’t we?

The newly engaged!!  My cousin Tiffany and her sweet fiance!  Another wedding in the family – yeeeha!

6.  Getting a jump start on my Christmas shopping – over half done!  Weeeeeeeee!

7.  Putting up our razzle dazzle holiday decor.  It’s sparkly and fabulous and I resisted the urge to buy anything new this year… Oh Christmas, how nice it is to have you back in my life!  If you want a bit of holiday nostalgia, click on the video below and don’t be afraid to snap your fingers and sing along.

November got covered up with the fluffy white stuff and the month of Christmas cookies is FINALLY here.  I’ve been (impatiently) waiting for you!

14 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: NOVEMBER

  1. Happy birthday, mamap! Thank you for being a great mother in law (MIL, as the candace says) and for birthing my wife. Come on down for some good birthday grub on Sunday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mama P! Cheers to wonderful YOU!

    I also like to add to the listy thingies each month – and my November highlight was the *first snow of the year*. I always love that (unless on a flight circling above MSP and not able to land….which was not the case this year so…cheers!)

    • Megs, GREAT addition. The snow is so pretty and serene, just as long as it doesn’t crust up on your windshield with the grip of death, seep into your sock through your shoes, or glaze airplay landing strips and roads in general! It’s feels more festive to get all bundled up too – so I don’t really mind the snow…YET.

    • Yay, you have an envirosax too! Their designs are all super awesome – it was hard to only settle on just one! Maybe I’ll have to get more because, damn, I love me a good bag.

  3. Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes!! Candace, I was lucky to be picked to be your carrier!! BIG SMOOCH! This morning Brother Alan called with wishes. Cousin Julie sang the b-day song much like Marilyn Monroe with a Norwegian accent. After I arrived at work, Dad and Colleen called and sang a b-day greeting on my voice mail. Sister Janet said she already bought me a belated b-day card. What is up with that? My dept had a Taco salad pot luck (great cooks all) Carole brought cake and Colavita balsamic vinegar which I will drink one shot glass at a time. Sarah burned a copy of Wicked soundtrack for me. Great cards – great day. It is wonderful to be 60 – so far anyhow. Love mamap

    • It sounds like you had the perfectly wonderful day – I am so glad you were surrounded by so much fun. You deserve it! Go easy on the shots of vinegar for next year…

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