Shiny things.

We caught the decorating bug over here and my house has been hurling up baubles and glittery ornaments ever since.  I’ve been enjoying it.  I had to avoid temptation and NOT BUY ANYTHING NEW for Christmas.  Saying the same thing but with a different sentence:  My challenge – To use what I’ve got.  Come, let’s check out my place.

My front door.  It’s a Pier1 wreath that I bought at full price (idiot) a few years back because I couldn’t resist.  It’s cute.  But, I will not be paying full price for Christmas decor again, oh no sirree.

Brrr.  Let’s go in, it’s cold outside.  Also, my neighbors are glaring.

Look what greets you when you walk in – a little gift from me to you!  Awww.  Don’t touch though.  It’s only for looks.

I just wrapped this picture in wrapping paper and added an embellishment that I already had.  And like the cheapskate I am, I will reuse that wrapping paper/embellishment when I unwrap my art and hang it back up.  Hey, I’m “resourceful”.

My house is tiny so, even though you are standing in the entry way,  you are also already in the living room/dining room just by breathing.  Take your shoes off, my carpet eats stains like I eat Christmas cookies (fast and with little regret).

Here is a weird little nook in my living room.  Usually a cream vase lives here.  I swapped the vase for a tree and cluster of baubles (I know there is a proper word for it, so help a girl out please).  They match each other.  What they DON’T match is the wreath outside.  The shame.  I bought them during two different Christmas seasons from Pier1.  I know, I am appalled too.

The vase.  Well,  it was moved to the entry way floor.  Please be kind and remember that I can’t spend any money.  I had to be “creative”.

It’s bad, I know.  Can we move on, please?

Our stockings, hung with care.  *Yawn*.

Actually, they stay there until I turn on the fireplace…and then I am so overcome with paranoia that I move them to underneath the TV (which is not cute) because I’m worried they will go up in Falala Flames.

Our tree!

Hubs took this pic in “night mode” with it all aglow.  And, yep, we rock the fake tree.  Feel free to hate if you wish.  The color scheme is red and gold.  I’m stuck with it for now.  Usually, I would like to have my wrapping paper coordinate, but this year I am trying using up scraps.  So, yeah.

Do you know who was green with envy when we decorated the tree?  Rita! (OMG, she’s still alive!).  So, I adorned her.  She was totally pumped.

Our living room is finished off with some random festive crap.  I got that candle from Pier1 (a theme?  think they should sponsor me?) last year when I hit up their after Christmas sale.  I plopped it in my Christmas bin and forgot about it.  It was a surprise when I dug out all of the decorations.  Go me.  Oh, and also…

I whispered my wish list to Santa.  Hopefully he took notes.

Our dining room.  Have a seat and feel free to crack open some wine.

Most of this is from when I lost my mind and spent $131 dollars at Pier1 after Christmas.  I dragged all of my loot home and showed the Hubs (he was surprisingly calm).  After I sobered up from my shopping high, I was racked with guilt.  So, I returned most of it (a good portion being reed diffusers and candles) and only ended up keeping $50 worth of stuff.  Those red candles and the star being part of the ‘kept’ haul.  A side story that you’ll wish I hadn’t wasted your time with:  I was IN LOVE with a little bird wreath hanger (I had been crushing on it for a long while) and in my frenzied Pier1 shopping extravaganza (references above) I scooped it up.  But The Guilt made me return it.  Coincidentally, it was the only item that I bought that day which not on sale.  BUT, I was at Pier1 shopping for Christmas presents earlier this month and, lo and behold, there was the little bird wreath hanger (only one left!), 50% off!  I snatched it up and high fived myself (it looks like a clap from the outside).  Oh, Karma, you taste so sweet.  I’ll be showing it off soon (I’m FORESHADOWING).  Anyway, where was I?  Oh, Christmas.

Let’s move along.  I have random Christmas towels in the kitchen and downstairs bath.  It’s so vanilla but then again, I like vanilla.  Also, I didn’t take any pictures because this post is too long and I can tell that you are feeling some fatigue.

The only other room that got some Cheer is the upstairs bath.  Normally, you see…

But, I did a little switcheroo.

I got this paper from Hobby Lobby this fall.  I hit up their clearance section and got two sheets of Christmas paper, one Easter one and two other sheets with random patterns.  I waited in this terribly long line and almost bailed on the entire transaction because, seriously, these five sheets of paper were NOT WORTH IT.  But, I was too far invested in the line wait, so I hung in there.  I’m glad I did because the cashier boy did some magical clearance calculations on those archaic registers and rung me up.  “11 cents.” He said.  I thought I should mention that one sheet alone cost .23 cents but we were both sick of staring at each other so I scrounged up the change and skipped happily out the door.  I’m sorry Hobby Lobby, I don’t know where I stashed my Integrity.  My bad.

Also, sorry to waste your time with another stupid story, but it’s my way.

Back to this.  It’s easy.  And Fairly festive.

And I left this welcome basket out for Santa.  Just in case the reindeer get startled by a cell phone tower and splatter urine on him, he can take a quick pit stop and clean up.

And subtle hints never hurt.

And that’s it.

I think I may set out a plate of cookies for The Man, although it’s sincerely debatable if the PMS Monster will beat him to it.  You’d better hurry, Santa!

Gotta run, Hubs thinks I am being nice and shoveling out my neighbors.  But, secretly, I am blogging in the closet.

**Update:  The Nester is hosting a Holiday Decor Linky Party and I attended.  I shouldn’t have.  It’s like going to the Oscars sporting a greasy 2 day old ponytail and ill fitting yoga pants.  But, check it out if you want some awe inspiring holiday decor because obviously you didn’t get your fix here.

19 thoughts on “Shiny things.

  1. Holly-Jolly-Folly! Your house looks wonderful – you are a grand decorator and it is beautiful!!! Way to go on the frugal-ness too… I am also trying to use what I have this year, mostly because I have bins of stuff that need to be used/purged. Plus, then we can splurge on the good stuff – giving and cookies! Jingle-jingle!

    • I couldn’t agree more, giving and cookies is what needs the focus! My MIL is coming down next weekend and we are candy making – weeeee!

  2. LMAO as always! I think you did a grate job! I made the same goal this year — no buying crap! I do, however, get to shop the after xmas sales… woot!

    I love the little touches around the house… the shower-me-with-gifts basket is genius and I heart the little hat added to your photo!

    so cute!

    • It will be *very* hard for me to resist the after Xmas sales! I think I’ll need to walk in with a plan so I don’t lose my mind like last year. Thanks for the kind words!! :)

  3. +1 for festive holiday decorations. +2 for doing it on a budget! I love all of the little touches around the house that brings christmas cheer. It’s one of the perks of marrying the candace. That, and an abundance of christmas cookies.

  4. Does this mean we aren’t going on our post xmas splurge…I seem to recall that Pier One trip. I remember you loading up about 11 reed diffusors and I can’t remember a single thing I got…what did I get that day? Surely I bought something? Glad you snatched up the bird wreath hanger later on for 50% off! Score and virtual high five back at ya!

  5. I remember you DID NOT lose your mind at Pier1 – you maintained your composure! You did buy a candy cane thingy but that’s all I can remember. The Rav was packed full from our shopping escapades. I’m game for going again this year…of course, with much more reservation. :)

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