All I want for Christmas is you. I mean, him. The Hubs. For reals.

You just rolled your eyes.  It’s ok (and deserved) because you *know* that I’m actually coveting about a billion things right now (one being a wardrobe makeover).  But, this year, Hubs and I made a pact to skip Christmas gifts to each other.  INSTEAD, we each have to come up with a small list of things we’d like to do together (some free, some otherwise).  I have to come up with three things and so does the Hubs.  Isn’t that all sweet and lovey dovey?  Also, practical.  Because,  Hubs and I are saving greenbacks.  We are saving for a little (big) present that we plan to purchase sometime after Christmas and that’s why we decided to ‘skip’ our usual Christmas load this year.  I can’t tell you what we are saving for yet in an effort to drag this out into two or more annoying blog posts.  Oh, the anticipation.

theCandace’s list

  1. Run a 5k together.  These might be hard to come by since the Hubs teaches class on Saturday mornings, when most of the races are scheduled.  But, I’ll keep a lookout.  The alternative is to take a run downtown and hit up breakfast afterward.  :)
  2. Go cross country skiing and warm up with hot chocolate afterward at home.
  3. Bake Christmas cookies and allow me to sing loud and dance obnoxiously to my Christmas music.  Also, he can’t say anything if I decide to don my Santa hat.

Hub’s List:

  1. Attend Timberwolves game.  I assume they are probably handing these tickets out for almost nothing.  Let’s just say it’s debatable if I am a better baller than the current Twolves and that’s a sad notion since I sat on the bench for two years until I had enough dignity to quit my high school team altogether.
  2. Attend a local community play, musical or concert.  Maybe our neighbor’s Irish band will count!?
  3. Do community service of some sort.  Work at a food shelf or do something computer-y for a good cause.

Isn’t the Hubs a good person?  All I want to do is eat and not get too fat from eating so much.  Hubs wants to be a good person in our community.  I’ll go along with it just to stay on Santa’s Nice List for next year.

Is your family doing anything different this year for the holidays?  Do you have a family member that is keeping you on Santa’s Nice List, no matter how much you try to fight it?

16 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is you. I mean, him. The Hubs. For reals.

  1. Jesse and I want to do a 5K before we get married in August. I don’t run. Unless I am being chased. I joined this FB group called The Couch to 5K. I should probably start reading it so I can get motivated. There are some fun 5Ks up here in the Mpls/St. Paul area. The one on St. Patty’s Day sounds kinda cool. There is a lot of beer to drink when you’re done. I kind of like that concept. Oh and funny story (whether you want to hear it or not but I was reminded of it when I read about your husbands sweet desire to help out in the community-go him!): I emailed Jesse a few weeks ago telling him that we should give back in our community over the holidays. He wrote me back one line and it read, “We should give Bobo back.” Bobo is the dog we adopted last winter who isn’t completely potty trained yet. Not really what I had in mind by giving back…but it made me laugh. Good for you guys for being creative with your Christmas gifts. Saving money isn’t fun. But quality time is the best gift ever. Well maybe a $500 gift card to TJ Maxx would be better….

    • Lauren, that’s hilarious! At least you can give Jesse extra credit for “being creative” about his giving back! :) The Twin Cities has so many great and fun races – especially around those beautiful lakes! Good for you that you plan to run a 5k before you get married – it’s a great goal and perfect for getting in wedding dress shape!

  2. Rebecca has been begging me to go skiing, but I’m ridic accident prone (I broke my femur playing hockey. Do you know how hard it is to actually break this bone?). So um, can we come with you guys? Not too creepy, right?

    • OUCH, a broken femur!?! Come with us, we could have a bloggy couples skiing date! You’ll have to fly to Minnesota…(and it’s damn cold here) but we’ll supply the hot chocolate?

  3. I can’t wait to start working through our christmas date list! I’m a bit intimidated by the 5K, since the candace runs a lot and I run very little. But I like Lauren’s idea of a beer run!

    Btw, Lauren, your Bobo story cracked me up!

  4. Or, you guys could volunteer with Girls on the Run and knock out your running and volunteering together! You guys are awesome – I’m inspired. We decided on one big gift this year for the both of us…I won’t keep you in suspense since I have no blog….we finally got a nice camera so we can capture important moments with Baby Boy Soon to Arrive (so maybe that was really for him…?) so I like your idea of a little list of activities and may need to implement the same. Way to Go, Team Garbow! (or should I call you the Team Garbow?) Jingle, Jingle…

    • Megs, that fancy camera will be so nice to have when your little man arrives!!! And that’s a good tip about Girls on the Run – we might have to look into that! Sleigh bells ring…

  5. nice lists! good work.

    we got one big gift as well that I’ve already shared..the camera.

    but we did do one other thing that I will have to keep you in suspense til I update my blog with it. 😉

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