After Christmas sales. And restraint.

I love after Christmas sales.  It feeds my soul.  But, this year, I am trying to show restraint.  I’m trying avoid the Pier1 Spending Extravaganza of 2009.  So, I formed a strategic plan –  a virtual straight jacket, if you will.  I created a list so that when I lose my mind gazing lovingly at all of the Christmas fandangles , I can fall back into line.

My mantra:  Stick to the list.  Do not stray from the list.  Do not buy anything sparkly or shiny.  Just take a deep breath and stick to the list.  Don’t be swayed by the frenzied shoppers around you.  When in doubt, stick to the list.  Also, no more wrapping paper you idiot, we have enough to wall paper our entire townhome community.  For the love of GOD, stick to the list!!  Ok, I’ll move on now.

Here’s my list:

1. Clothes for the Hubs.  He needs a few new things and it’ll be fairly cheap since we have some lovely giftcards to spend (thanks, Mom!).  It’s also a great excuse to see what I can throw in for myself when he’s not watching.  But, that’s top secret so don’t tell.

2. A few sweaters (if the sales are good) for yours truly.  Because I need them?

3.  One straw wreath from Michaels (I have a giftcard there) and hopefully some red yarn for future DIY projects.  *rubs hands together*

4.  Two reed diffusers from Pier1 and THAT’S ALL.  One is for myself (that I’ll tuck away in my Christmas bin) and one will be used as a gift next year.  If I gift this to you, pretend that you don’t remember I scored a super great deal on it and have been storing it in my linen closet for a year.  Forget all of that.

5. A pair of slippers for the Hubs.  He’s been sporting mine around and well, they are purple with fur trim.  Which is not acceptable.

And, that’s it!  Wish me luck??

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Anything on your after Christmas sale list or do you just head out and see what inspires you??  Is the above picture making you uncomfortable?

15 thoughts on “After Christmas sales. And restraint.

  1. Whatever you do….do not go to Target. I had a Christmas clearance episode while perusing through the goods. I had so much stuff in the cart but ended up putting most of it back. The only thing I bought was a set of 12 Days of Christmas ornaments. Only $10!! Holla! I should note that it’s usually my fiance puts all the stuff back. I get emotionally attached during my few hours in the store and can’t bring myself to say good bye to the things that were never really mine in the first place. Also, I have a Pier One in walking distance from me. Literally it is one hop, one skip, and one jump away. Not good. Not good at all. I forget about it sometimes…like on the days I am not driving throught the Burger King attached to it. But today I have the day off. And I am hungry. For P1 and BK.

  2. The face of determination, or intensity…something like that. I had to put on welding glasses to prevent damage to my eyes :)
    Nice job Ms Candace ! I’m sure Mamma P will be proud of your self control ( or will she hehe)??

  3. Of course, I am proud of Candace’s restraint in unrestrained after Christmas shopping. That allows the rest of the family to do what ever they want to do. YAY! ::)) Like buying everything off of the 90% rack – even if it isn’t 1x. Just kidding. No, I guess I am not kidding. It isn’t easy being a hoarder, especially since my house is too small. When I win the lotto, that problem will be solved. A lot of problems will be solved. Ha! I say spend and enjoy. Pay the mortgage, buy some food, and buy some reed diffusers. How come I never received any reed differs? Just asking. Happy New year!! love mamap

  4. Candace, I think you need an addendum to your “stick to the list” mantra: “run the list by the hubs first.”

    But any list is better than no list at all. And I do feel lucky that at least my wife has a virtual straight jacket, an internet-published list and a bunch of blog readers to apply peer pressure if she strays from said list.

  5. New carpet – very inspirational. WHY? Because you have to take everything OUT of a room to get the new carpet IN. THUS, you are forced to look at everything that went out and that you are now putting back in. SO, I created a huge pile of things that needed to be donated. Laura, most of my stuff was from a 2009 Target 90% off after-Christmas frenzy that I just couldn’t live without! I still haven’t used it. Both of my girls were over yesterday and had a ball “shopping” at mama’s house! I also have 10 bags of stuff to donate, and as the items get carried back into the rooms, I am finding more! I also have 3 garbage bags going, as well. It’s good to clean out & reorganize – VCR tapes anyone (lol). Have no fear – Ray and I WILL be after-Christmas shopping. We need to buy DVD’s to replace all of the tapes we are donating. PLUS, MamaP gave me a gift card to my favorite store – so I still get something for myself + I also got some killer jewelry (thank you, sisty)!!! If any of you need gift bags-I hoard those! I think I have at least 20-30 for any occasion. I am not parting with any of those, probably because they are compact and easy to hide. HEY, I have to have ONE vice, you know! My best to the rest of you!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    • Doesn’t it feel sooo nice to have a fresh start!?! We are very busy sorting and clearing stuff out at our house too. Enjoy those after Christmas sales!!

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