Flashback Friday

I thought I’d kick off your New Year with this.  My senior pictures.  Make a resolution to not let this happen to anyone you know.

Note: As if this picture couldn’t get more humiliating, I decided to be an idiot and spell sandals wrong.

21 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    • I know, right? It looks like the place was getting a new paint job and the crew carelessly forgot to grab their grimy drop cloth!

  1. I wonder what Emily would say about this? Tee…heeee… Thanks for sharing that photo. Once again you continue to make me laugh (out loud).

  2. Trielle, you look so cute. What does wtf mean? Just kidding. Happy New Year Bloggadites, or blog-ites or ….. Be safe and see you next year. love mamap

  3. It’s a good thing you are so cute, because the pic is, well, incredible! (My good taste prevents me from using another word-hehehe!) I’m laughing WITH you, as if mine was on here, you’d all be laughing more! I really like the “paint job” comment! What a lovely pose! BUT, being your auntie, I have to say it is still a beautiful pic of my beautiful niece!! :)

  4. oh my gosh…I loaded up this site and immediately laughed out loud…yes at you and with you because I too think I can dig up a senior pic with the socks/sandals…what were we thinking. Also, you know it is bad when the nonFashionable husband glances over to see what I’m laughing at and then comments ‘oh yeah that is bad’ TOO FUNNY!

    • The Pinnacle of Fashion Failure: when your hubby agrees that I looked like a hot mess! Promise to never let that happen to me again?? I can’t bare to go through that one more time.

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