Flashback Friday

Bring on those holiday parties!  *claps excitedly*

Christmas party with friends, 2008.  Baby bump Makenzie was on her way!

(Those earrings only cost me a dollar, can you believe that?  I’ve worn them probably a hundred times.  I did the math real quick like in my head and that’s 1 cent per wear.  I rock.)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

But we keep running.  Because we take being Santa’s favorite helpers very seriously.

It doesn’t look it, but it’s COLD outside.  And slick.  Wish us luck, it’s going to be a long winter.  This post is logged under my sweat and ponytails category.  But, that’s misleading.  In actuality, our sweat has frozen over (basically we sweat snow now) and our ponytails have been swapped for hats/scarves/face masks.

Cheers to the post-run fiery hot showers that are aging my skin faster than my full time job.

Peace out Thanksgiving, catch ya on the flip side!

Now, let the month of insane spending and consuming 50x more calories than you burn begin!  Maybe some of us already started on both of those.  It’s coo’.

For me, wrangling in some holiday cheer isn’t just as blatant as putting up the tree and blasting the Christmas tunes (All I Want for Christmas is Yooooouuuuu, BAAAYBEEE!!).  It’s *also* the small things that make me feel festive.

I dusted off this cutie to tote around during the holiday season.  It was a JCPenny’s on-sale-and-then-I-used-a-coupon-so-basically-they-paid-me-to-buy-it from a few summers back.  I think the green is a fresh and punchy change of pace from my standard bag.  Also, we got a lot of snow recently…

Isn’t it Ahhh-dorbes?  (I made that word up just now).

I also like to bust into this deliciousness and bring it into the office.

The hand cream is nice and thick and smells like cookies, which can only be a good thing.  Also, winter means cranky dry hands so this helps soothe the crank out.  This one tube will last me many Christmases!  Pair it with real Christmas cookies and you’ve got one happy (the)Candace!

Lastly, these fairly immature pajama pants that the Hubs bought me a few years ago.  They have Christmas ornaments on them.  It was so thoughtful of him.  Actually, no.  It went down like this: “If you don’t buy me these pj pants with this coupon, I will be forced to buy them myself.  Don’t let that happen, okay?  You will be sorry.  Hugs, kisses and warm fuzzies with butter melted on top .”

I love them.  They are warm and worn and yummy and cozy.  Good job, Hubs!

How about you – do you have anything subtle that gets you in the spirit?

Flashback Friday

It’s Friday.  Have a happy one.

Here’s me way back when I was getting all educated and stuff.  Not sure why my face is as red as Christmas ornament.  Also, Gopher football is somewhat shameful but it didn’t used to be.  Go Gophers and go Christmas??

Get In My Belly: Jalapeno Cheesy Bread

By now, you’ve probably depleted your Thanksgiving haul of leftovers from the in-laws.  What you need my friends, is something quick and easy.  And, that’s what she said.


You don’t want to know because they are not real things found in nature.


1. Feign exhaustion and make your Hubs go to Little Cesar’s to pick up “the goods”.  He will need 5 dollars and you will need to change into stretchy pants.

2.  Once the jalapeno cheesy bread crosses the threshold of your home, start your food stuffing frenzy.  Don’t waste valuable chewing cycles making conversation, you will regret it!

Good luck with any GI problems that you might encounter later on in the evening, it’ll still be worth it.  Just don’t plan to spend time with any other humans that aren’t bound by the chains of legal documentation (ie: birth certificates and marriage licenses) to like you.

Caution: Besides possible plugged arteries, your car will reek for weeks.  Enjoy.