Raves and Faves: DECEMBER

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of December loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  Bookclub Ugly Sweater Party.  NO ONE wore an ugly sweater except for me.  Earlier that day, I had rummaged through the Hubs clothes and found myself the perfect one!  This was my not so subtle way of shaming the Hubs into donating the getup to Goodwill.  But, since all of the girls showed up adorable, I had to flee to the bathroom and change.  And sadly, Hubs kept that sweater.  I snapped a timer pic of the crew (minus one bookclubber – my bad, Connie!).  We are a smaller group than we used to be.  Also, we gave up reading books long ago but remain hopeful it’s not a permanent side effect of the gossiping and wine guzzling that we’ve been affectionately coining as Bookclub.

2.  Enjoying my vacation.  My office plants didn’t die while I was away, which was a Christmas miracle in itself.  In addition to my little green guys, I am a Foster Plant Mommy to three more plants.  A co-worker of mine is working remotely from sunny AZ (lucky guy) and so I took temporary charge of them.  It would have basically been career suicide if his plants didn’t survive the holidays, so go me.

3.  Receiving a remote start for my old crappy car.  It is HEAVENLY.  My Mom and Bro hooked me up.  My insufficient circulation (and maybe my cold heart?) sends a thousand thank yous their way.

4.  Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil GEL.  It’s the bomb.

I usually mix together a somewhat scary concoction of smelly (but subpar) lotion, a squirt of baby oil gel, and some Jergen’s lotion.  Then I smear that all over.  Dry Minnesota air, take THAT.

5.  Candy making with my MIL.  I was, undoubtedly, the most helpful person that she could get stuck with for 6 hours.  See?

Pay no mind to the parchment paper dagger that threatens to spear both of us like shish kabobs.  Also, drooling is welcomed.

6.  CHRISTMAS.  No doi!!!

My side of the family on a nippy walk to help settle those decadent scalloped potatoes.

7.  Saying goodbye to 2010, it was a nice and calm year.  2011, bring it on.

11 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: DECEMBER

  1. I think I might have to try your concoction for dry skin – this weather is making my skin as dry as it was when I was in the desert. Ahh, the desert, where it’s warm & sunny :-)

  2. OK, have to comment on this…first off, your Honda is not a crap car, even if the hub cap is dented. Hondas are good for 300K miles, you’re probably not even half way there. Second, the candy your MIL and you made looks awesome, can almost smell it way over here. Last, are you sure that gooey stuff you’re mixing together as a body lotion is FDA approved? :) What does Zack think?

    • Frank, you’re right. But, 150k more miles without air conditioning is a little painful. Even so, I plan to drive this little guy (and get plenty of use out of my remote start) until that 300k mark! *crosses fingers* We still have some of those goodies in our freezer if you are ever in my neck of the woods and want a sweet treat, come on by! And lastly no, not FDA or husband approved but I haven’t let that stop me before. *winks*

  3. Love the car starter – I want my wifey to stay toasty warm during the brutal winter. Is that diagram from the car starter instruction manual? If not, it should be.

    Btw, I have an early Rave & Fave for January: Restored pride after my wife picked through my clothes to find an ugly sweater for her bookclub party last month.

  4. Ulgy sweater party story! Tiffany called me (smart move on her part) to get an ugly sweater for her party. We glammed it up with ugly pins and I found some really BAD earrings, too. I was sure she’d win-but she didn’t!! They said the sweater was cute, pins were lovely, but earrings were a toss-up. I’m bummed, as I always have the crappiest clothes-could 2011 be a totally new year for me???

    I love the fam pic, Candace! It was fun walking and singing-thank you for including us in your faves! You two are part of my faves, too! Love to you :)

    • I can’t believe Tiffany didn’t pull out the win!! I think that there is no better time than 2011 to reinvent your closet – I’m trying to do the same! I’ll have to email the family those pics – I had forgotten until now. Thanks for the lovely comments as always.

  5. what? you guys don’t read books at bookclub? and to think that everytime I show up (yeah, I know like 3x/year) I have to remind everyone that I don’t read and don’t attempt to read anything but smut or parenting magazines. But I do like how you include me in the ‘bookclub’ so I can feel like I belong (and am) a sophisticated wine sipping lady 😉

    also, hip hip hooray for the remote start! so happy for you!

    and love to hear how you use baby oil…I have kiddos and still to this day have never really known what people use it for. I only have it because I used it on my little gal’s cradle cap…just lubed up her head adn try to get that darn stuff gone. It goes so far I just wonder why the bottles of oil are so big…What really are they for? I mean, isn’t lotion for dry skin on most babies…heck, I don’t know but loved to hear how you use. Now, come on over and please use some of mine up!

    • I haven’t tried the plain old baby oil per say – but I imagine if you mix it with all of my other stuff it’ll be virtually the same outcome. If I run out, I’ll pop over and steal some from you. :) If I don’t run out, I’ll pop over to see you anyway! *claps*

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