Mission: Get My Life Together

As you know, January is officially Organization month.  Or maybe it’s not official but it should be.  Weirdly enough, I got a jump start in December when I had a few days off.  Anyhow, let’s not get hung up on specifics.  I am trying to get my life to have some semblance of order before I swoop in and messy it up again.

I organized my Craft Trunk.  Yes, a trunk.  Amazingly, once I gathered up all of my paper and ribbon and glitter and glue and scissors and stickers and punches and stamps and…well, let’s just say I had an entire trunk full of goodies.

More goodies to be shoved in, Tetris style.  It does fit, I promise.

That folder is housing *most* of my decorative paper.  See how it’s bursting at the seams?  That’s when I realized, I had a problem.  You see, I don’t scrapbook.  I don’t sew.  In fact, I don’t do much of anything, except make these:

I make cards.  And that’s it.  So, in all actuality, it’s totally ridiculous that I have an entire trunk dedicated to making what, like 12 greeting cards a year?

Aren’t they so cute though?  You might get one if you are nice.

Afterward, I made a promise to the Hubs.  I promised: No more random paper and crafty purchases for at least one year.  I need to take some time (in my estimation, 15 years) to make a dent in the supplies I already own.  I mean, for real, some of the paper I have is 10 years old and I have ribbon from the 1990s, when my Mom bought it for her craft projects of yore.  Promise to tackle me if you see me roaming wild eyed at Hobby Lobby, ok?

Oh, and also, this Craft Trunk organization took me 3 1/2 days.  You know why?  Obviously, I got distracted and spent most of the time making cards.  In my defense, I was just “taking stock” in what I had so it could be organized perfectly.  The Hubs didn’t argue with this logic, mostly because I was nice and quiet, which is a welcomed relief from my nonstop blabber.

Does this happen to anyone else?  You are supposed to sit down and organize something for 15 minutes and it bleeds into 3 1/2 days?

12 thoughts on “Mission: Get My Life Together

  1. I was just home over the weekend and my mom informed me that she is quitting scrap booking. I kind of understand her perdicament. She does every project under the sun (canes chairs, sews, tiles any flat surface she can find, spins wool….the list goes on). Anyway, I can’t wait to get my grimey mits on her scrap booking loot. I get peeved anytime I go to Target and am forced to buy an overpriced card. I always tell myself I sill start making my own…but I never do. I blame my undiagnosed ADD.

    How is the salad thing going? I had one last night. I didn’t feel full so I made some pizza rolls. Urrrgh. Should have had a glass of water first. 😉

    • Your mom’s scrapbooking haul sounds like a gold mine of card making goodness!! My advice for when you finally do get your grimy mitts on it: sit down and make a whole batch at once so you have a surplus of grab-n-go cards for every occasion. No more runs to Target for a card on your way to an event.
      Salad counting is going great – up to 17 salads for the year already! :-0 We are ahead of schedule now, but I know those summer months of endless bbqs will put a damper on my salad intake so I am compensating. And, we don’t just have salad as our entire meal if that helps you feel better. So pizza rolls aren’t the worse thing in the world if you had a salad first, I say.

  2. I LOVE the cards you make!!! Keep on making them!! And I promise, if I see you in Hobby Lobby with a cart full of paper, ribbons, stickers & other pretty things, I’ll tackle you before you hit the cashiers! :-) In other news, is there anyway you & your organizational skills are for hire? I have several closets and a spare bedroom that needed organization for about 2 years (yikes!) I understand if this request makes you run the other way! :-)

    • Aww, shucks. I don’t think it’s even possible for Tiny Tai to tackle me but I really appreciate the willingness if I get out of hand at Hobby Lobby! That’s what friends are for! And, sign me up! Even though my house, brain, office proves otherwise, I really do like organizing. So, invite me over. We’ll eat something fabulous and get down to it…! :)

  3. Crafting paper to Candace is like catnip to felines. It keeps her busy for hours.

    Anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her paper goodies knows that her crafting skills are AWESOME. Keep on carding, Candace!

  4. He is sweet but he does speak the truth. Your cards are beautiful and greatly appreciated. You make mock of your organizing skills but you are very good at it. You might want to take that on for a part-time occupation. Plus you have listening skills. Whoa. Awesome. I have beads everywhere. It makes me happy. And I just had Alan and Linda send me more. Fun! love mamap

    • Awww, MamaP always there to cheer me on! :) I’d love to organize for a living – think Peter Walsh will hire me to be on his team?

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