Camellia Crib Follow-Up

Remember one of the first posts I had on my little blog baby?  Basically, it was a painfully long list of To Dos that the Hubs and I hammered out before we put the house up for sale last spring and *another list* on what was still left to do.

Now that 2011 showed up, I thought a follow up was in order.  You guys still with me or did you take off already??

These items remain on the To Do List (you know I love me some lists):

  • The Great Deep Clean of 2010 will be an ongoing effort of cleaning, sorting, and purging. I vow to touch everything!
  • Repaint service door.
  • Touch up paint in the kitchen. No, let’s be honest.  We need touch up paint, Like, Everywhere.
  • Do something about our grubby front door. Magic Eraser?  Repaint?
  • Get my hair cut and highlighted. It’s an embarrassment.
  • Paint master closet *shudder*.

An update.

1.  The Great Deep Clean of 2010 has slopped over into the Great Deep Clean: My Life Long Adventure.  This is ongoing, or should I say, stuff I should be doing but am too lazy most days.

2. We did paint the service door (and wrote a really exciting post about it).  Check!

3.  A fail.  I’ve done touch ups in the bedroom but that’s about it.  *sigh*  This needs to get done before we put the house back on the market in the next month.

4.  Alas, our grubby front door is also still on the list.  My motivation is currently zero but this also needs to be done soooon.

5.  My hair.  Check.  But, unfortunately, it’s about that time again so…back on the list it goes.

(Not much progress has been made, eh?  Wait for it…)

6. Paint the master closet.  Ummm, CHECK.

It went from this:

To this:

Pretty nice, huh?  I didn’t take a picture of everything put back into the closet because it was a lot of crap and I was feeling fatigue.  See my pile?  Blech.

It’s a boring color (same as our master bedroom) but it really finishes it off (and covers up the scuff marks) so I’m glad I spent a weekend finally tackling this project.

Any house projects, big or small, that are on your list to take on in 2011 (that, coincidentally, were supposed to be done in 2010 but who’s keeping track)?

5 thoughts on “Camellia Crib Follow-Up

  1. Now that our procrastination is archived for the entire internets to see, I’m going to make a new commitment to conquer the Deep Clean: Lifelong Adventure.

    And this time I won’t just cheerlead while the candace is hard at work painting – I’ll even take on some of these tasks myself!

  2. It is easier to focus on a book or take a trip instead of the cleaning and purging aspect of life. After a while, it just becomes tedious! But then you have a goal and that makes it top priority. Good Luck! I am purging and sorting as well. I am sending crafts to the Red Lake Nation Boys and Girls clubs. YAY! They take material as well. I am excited. At least it all doesn’t go into a landfill. Joe is coming back to continue with a few more repairs on the old homestead. Life is good. love mamap

  3. Good for you, MamaP – it’s not easy to sort through stuff and divvy it out to where it has a better chance of getting used again. I have sooo many more projects that will probably lead to additional boring blog posts…

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