Flashback Friday

I understand I have done wrong.  I should be charged a fine for my past grievances against society.  Like, for one, sporting this terrifying perm.  Now, I’m not trying to make matters worse, but the wildly inappropriate hair that you *can’t* see is tucked into a hideous and obnoxious metal bun cage.  I’m very lucky this didn’t make it on to my criminal record.

Just in case the severity of this situation is difficult to access from the grainy example above, I have provided further proof.

Please forgive me (hopefully God does since this was my confirmation day).

Have a good weekend.  I’ll be busy searching for my self esteem.

16 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. When I first saw this post, I thought I had come to the wrong blog.

    My wife is clearly a courageous woman to publish these pictures. I’m grateful for that, but also fearful that her comfort with publishing awkward photos will lead to similar pictures of me ending up on the intertubes.

    The thought keeps me up at night.

  2. You know, back in the day, I was totally jealous of the bun cage. My hair was too long and too stick straight to fit in one of those things. :-)

  3. Seriously, aren’t all family pictures like the one above? I think we look fab, bird cage and all. ::)) What pics are you talking about SIL? They would be fun to check out. btw, do you have the scrapbook I loaned you for the wedding? keep warm. love mamap

  4. MamaP, click on the word “wrong blog” in SIL comment above – it’ll be a real treat. :) I have a few scrapbooks that I was going to work on scanning into my computer – think I’ll ever actually get around to it?

  5. bun cage? really candace…never would have guessed that you had wore one of those… I didn’t think those were in our time! 😉 you were right, this was a good post

    glad you can share in the humor with all of us ;-P keep the flashbacks coming!

    • I’m glad my humiliation is at least bringing good cheer. Although, my self esteem needs some serious flashback baby pictures STAT (because all babies are cute, even of the unfortunate girl with the perm!)

    • Well, he actually didn’t get confirmed because I had joined the church on my own and went through the process on my own. But, he was there to show support (not that I need any more ‘support’ with that metal catastrophe atop my noggin).

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