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I’ve been perusing a handful of blogs lately (when I should be dusting, nonetheless) and I’ve noticed a fun little trend that has piqued my interest:  What I Wore Wednesdays (or some variation of this idea).

What I Wore Wednesdays is to encourage the stay at home (or work from home) Moms/women folk out there to get out of their jammies or soft pants and put some effort into their outfit and accessories.  Then they snap a picture and show the world via the big bad internet.  Sounds stupid?  No, my friends, not to me.  I love to see how creative people get, what their outfits cost, if they have thrifted any of the items and so on.  It’s inspiring to watch them dive into their closet and see what they come up with.

Fashion is not my forte (cue Flashback Fridays for some chilling reminders) and I’m a better copier than creator.  And even though I do go into the office each day, the kind folks at my work couldn’t care less about fashion.  This encourages me to be lazy and sloppy and sometimes un-showered (oh my!).  So, I thought I’d give this What I Wore Wednesdays a shot.  Except, do it on random Thursdays and call it something else because it’s my blog and I do what I want, when I want.

Also No Boys Allowed!!  Well, ok, fine but I’m just warning you that you won’t care about any of it – so, proceed at your own risk.

I don’t own many clothes (and even less accessories) so I think this is going to be a challenge for me.  And I’m hoping to take you along for the ride, so how about it?

Here is my first outfit (taken with the tripod, a gift from my kick butt BIL).  Feel free to judge but be nice and remember: I have complete control of the comments and probably will take on pseudo names to write how stunningly fashionable this outfit is (as well as other random compliments) if and when no one else does.

  • Sweater:  Maurices, $26
  • Pants: AE jeans, ~$20ish?
  • Polka dot tank: Old Navy, $10
  • White tank: Express, $~10
  • Orange belt:  H&M, $6
  • Short booties: Famous footwear, by Blowfish, can’t remember how much they cost but probably ~$35 with coupon
  • Jewelry:  Wedding bling (!) and simple silver hoops (my mainstays)

Anyone out there tried the belted cardigan fad??

14 thoughts on “Wore Zone

  1. Since I’m the “stay/work at home” half of this household, maybe I ought to jump into the What I Wore Wednesdays fad to force myself out of my pj’s at least once a week. That is, if the “No Boys Allowed” rule were to be waived.

    Whatever I try, I won’t be able to keep up with the wifey. Love the braid, green and orange. Lucky husband, right here.

    • Thank you! :) I’ve been experimenting with braids – they can be so feminine and romantic. I *shamefully* don’t know how to french braid but I am trying to teach myself. Even though we are a blog world away, you are a tiny thing and for surely rock and roll roll-less. If that makes sense (unlikely).

  2. You look stunning, as usual!! I love belts and own a narrow gold one and a stretchy black one. I think a belt helps define the lumps, or rather defines the waist in the lump area. I haven’t ever been able to get the layered look, because the more I wear the hotter I become, translating into a beet red face and droopy hair. I dressed hip one day and a friend complimented me and so I shared the good news with Candace. She said I wasn’t hip because it was accidental hip and didn’t count. What? lv mamap

    • Yesss, I knew my own Mama would have nice things to say (was counting on it, in fact). Belts are the corral for the lump stock farm – it keeps them all in order and accounted for.
      Also, accidental hip is all we can ever hope for. Amen.

  3. I think you look adorable. Although I think you could make baggy sweatpants & a sweatshirt look just as good. I put some effort in to getting dressed during the week but I would most likely still make it on ‘what not to wear’. I think if we had loads of money I would have to hire a stylist. This girl is style-challenged.

    • I’ve got to be the luckiest nerd around to be blessed with sweet relatives like you, Faith! How about we team up and be on What Not to Wear – A Family Affair!! Let’s get to work on accumulatin’ those loads because I’ve got big stylish plans for us.

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  5. I’ve been working on the belted cardigan but have noticed that I have the have the exactly correctly fitting jeans to pull it off. *sigh* You’d think all the shopping I did in January I would have the perfect everything in my closet. Nope.
    You look great. :)

    • That’s exactly how I feel – I shop often but am convinced I have no cool clothes (or accessories) to show for it. Your style (and long legs!) has always inspired me though so I’ll keep trying.

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