Raves and Faves: JANUARY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of January loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1.  This.

It protects my skin from freezing solid and consequently falling off in one big chunk, leaving the cushy layer of my winter congestion out in the open for everyone to see.  You’re right, I did not have to go there.  Anyhoo, I smear this on before my frigid winter runs and it’s like a face windshield, which is awesome in every way.

**Update:  Apparently Dermatologica doesn’t sell this stuff any more.  I bought it loooong ago (like, 6 years ago) so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Anyway, if you want the quick and dirty (and cheap) version, get yourself some Vaseline.  It does the trick too.

2.  My slipper garden.  I’ve planted a pair in every room.

3.  The fireplace.  If I could physically lay in it, I wood.  Oh come on, you have to admit that had a remote chance of being funny.

4.  Our humidifier.  Basically my brain is like one of those menacing toys that you submerge in water and then they mushroom to 600x their original size.  So, my job *really* appreciates it when we run the humidifier at night, allowing me to function for at least a little while the next day…that is until the arid Minnesota winter air shrivels it back down.  I can’t be the only one with Chia Pet Brain, can I?

5.  Mad Lib, for you to fill in the blanks:  Our nice and toasty and ___(adjective)___  ___(noun)___ which is so freakishly fabulous because it completely __(verb)__.  Hey, work with me kid.

6.  My snowflake knee high socks that I got for Xmas.  These, paired with the tuft of hair on my knee cap that I always seem to miss while shaving, are keeping my legs good and warm.  And I like to be warm.

7.  HOT COFFEE.  HOT TEA.  HOT CIDER.  HOT BROTH.  HOT CHEESECAKE FONDUE?  (How good does that sound?)  If you can’t tell, we are freezing our split ends right off  up here in the Frozen North.  Which, come to think of it, shouldn’t be a bad thing but it is.  It really is.  I’ve gotta make like an alpaca and get myself a thicker jacket.

image courtesy of wikipedia.com

January froze over to let February snowshoe on in.  Are you relieved spring is officially one month (3 to go…) closer?

14 thoughts on “Raves and Faves: JANUARY

  1. Candace, I’m a completely (mostly) random stranger who has read your blog for some time now. It’s time for me to finally comment. :) I found your blog through a friend whose sister is a friend of your friend (girl crush) Emily. I told you it was random. Actually I’m from Emily’s hometown, though I didn’t really realize it when I found both your blogs. I’m down in Nebraska, so I know I have it like 10 degrees better most of the time than the frigid north of MN, but I still like a good I’m-cold-and-totally-over-winter complaint. Keep on blogging – you are hillarious!

    • Jenny!! I’m so glad you commented – it filled my heart with sparkles!! Thanks for the encouragement – I’ve been needing a little of that lately. Let’s hunker down and get through this midwest winter together? STAY WARM.

  2. I could go for some alpaca slippers, shoes and mittens. Know of any alpaca farms in Southern MN?

    My entry to the list:

    #8. Outdoor broomball. Only because it feels so good when the game is over and you can thaw out. Which I guess is like banging your head against the wall because it feels nice when you stop.

  3. I’m also a friend of Emily’s from Watertown, and I read your entire blog yesterday and loved it ~ totally hilarious :) You have another faithful reader, and will look forward to seeing each new post :)

    • *blushes* Turns out, I had a fairly crappy Monday so your sweet little comment has made for a very nice Tuesday indeed. I’ll keep writing, you keep reading and hopefully it will all end well.

  4. Did I hear someone is looking for an alpaca farm? I can’t help you there but my mom, who is in SE MN could hook a brother up with some sheeps wool. My dad use to raise sheep so she has a plethora of it. And she made some mittens out of it once. Maybe you can get some from her and it could be Candace’s next blog project?

    And then a random question….I am in the midst of gift registering and I think I remember seeing a very cute, very orange mixer in one of your pictures once. Not sure if it was your blog. If it wasn’t then pay no mention to this. If it was you can you tell me where it came from? I want an either orange or green one. Yay!

    • OH. I heart you for admiring my orange mixer. That was a lovely wedding gift from MamaP. It’s a Kitchen Aid Stand Artisan Mixer (in Tangerine) and I had registered for it at Bed Bath and Beyond. But, Macys, Kohls and places like that will have it too – just be sure to work some coupon magic because they are pricey (but awesome). AND, I almost went for the green one instead (green apple) – either would be a total win!

  5. Mamap totally rocked, at least in the mixer department. Candace registered at Bath and Body oops Bed Bath and Beyond for the orange mixer (Candace calls it tangerine). They don’t stock any inventory so I had a shouting match with a dear clerk in the store until Levi calmed me down, saying it was okay to ship it and not bring it to the wedding. The nice clerk gave me an empty box with a bow on it so I could bring something to the wedding and shipped the mixer to Rochester. Crazy.

    I love your slipper garden. I, too, love my toed socks from Christmas. Once I walk around and pick up dog hair, it looks like I am wearing little reindeer. ::)) I wood too. HEE HEE!

    Our nice and toasty and dopeish bun warmer which is so freakishly fabulous because it completely sendth me. (much like the Amish would say).

    A cream for chapped lips is nursing cream. It is supposed to work wonders. I saw Alpacas in Texas, along with donkeys, camels, goats, cattle, emus, and monkeys, but only nine longhorns. What is wrong with this picture?

    Cheer up. Only 4 more months of winter. EEEK!! lv mamap

    • Nice work on the Mad Lib, MamaP! It wasn’t an easy one to fill out. Hope you stay nice and toasty with your ‘reindeer’ fur lined (on the outside) toed socks. :) Also, my mixer was totally worth your BB&B drama. :)

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