Super Lame XLV

The Superbowl.  It’s the climax of the NFL season and the perfect reason to kick back with a room full of friends, stuffing your face with fried goodies and beer, handing out high fives and taking in empty calories.  It’s always a titillating time, right?

No, not this year.  You see, it kind of sneaked up on us.  Lately, life has been running us over and we were finally forced to declare a “reboot weekend.”  We needed to stay holed up at home doing very lame but important To Dos such as collecting up our tax stuff, scrubbing our grimy bathtub, working (blech), paying bills, getting my crappy car fixed, grocery shopping, and going to bed early.  Hence, setting the tone for our very Super Lame XLV.

Hubs tried to make it special by making cheese curds, chips and guacamole, and ordering pizza.  But, we still spent the majority of the game like this:

We did have a Pizza Draft with the leftovers, in which we carefully selected the slices for our next week’s lunches in alternating order.  So, you know, that was a pretty exciting 30 some seconds.  My first round pick was the pepperoni with green olive, just in case you were curious.

Our Superbowl was a nice and quiet and yes, lame time.  It was just what we needed.

But even so, you know I totally hid in the kitchen and called out (to no one) as Hubs was paying the pizza delivery guy, “Hey guys, pizza’s here!”.  Oh yes I did.  I couldn’t help myself.

Please tell me you were not squares like us and did something fun?

12 thoughts on “Super Lame XLV

  1. The draft experts graded my Pizza Draft results an A+. They said beef & bacon as the #1 pick was a no-brainer, and taking the Philly steak and cheese in the 3rd round was the steal of the draft.

    They also said that we are officially lame. It’s hard to argue with that one.

  2. Totally giggled my way through this one. It’s OK to be lame. Pizza Draft = Genius. Jesse and I got into a bit of an organizing frenzy this weekend. I’d say we’re about halfway done. I get distracted easily so it’s currently in the, “It’s gonna get worse before it get’s better” phase. Aaaand pretty sure the camera crew for Hoarders could easily come in and have a hay day with our place in it’s current state.

  3. You two are so funny. What a great weekend. The only other upper fun thing I would add to the Square pair SB weekend, is cleaning up dog hair from the carpet. I spent the day with Grandpa, talking about old-timey music. I left at 5pm and never did see the game start. Dad said Packers won because Favre taught them everything – so really Favre won. I like the way he thinks. Very little gray area in his life. Take care of yourselves and wear warm clothes. love mamap

    • Grandpa will credit Favre for just about anything. If Gpa only knew what a smart phone was and what Mr. Favre has a tendency to do with said devices… It’s best he doesn’t find out. Besides, Gpa once told me that the Internet is a conspiracy – don’t tell him about the blog!

  4. I’d have to say the Cradick house was lame-o as well. Ryan, like Zack, cooked up some foods, none to my liking. He made his infamous BBQ Chili, which I HATE and he knows it. It is filled to the brim with meat, bacon, hamburger, and sausage then topped off with a southern bbq flavor. So, he and Makenzie ate that while I ate cereal. I did get into the festivities somewhat and cooked up a warm bean dip and devoured it all, practically, on my own and loved every calorie!

    Gma showed up just after half-time so we were able to watch the game with her….She cracked me up when she said ‘Are ‘we’ winning?’ Who is ‘we’? She said Green Bay. Might as well root for the midwest so our state gets on the map since we are close to them 😉 What logic!?! But I had to argue with her cuz I just couldn’t root for the Vikings rival but glad Green Bay won and made my momma happy to see MN on the map 😉

    • And to think, about 7 years ago, we went to your house for the Superbowl and that’s when I met Zack. Awwwww! A lot has changed since those days, eh?

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