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I’m back, fighting fashion faux pas in the Wore Zone.  Also, I’m three inches shorter in the blonde locks department.  If you are wondering why the heck I am doing this, read here.  Also, check out this blog – she is wear (hehe) I first saw this type of post and maybe she’s the originator?

  • Brown cardi:  Maurices, $32 (I think.  I need to figure out how to start couponing better at this place – anyone have any tips??)
  • Peach lace top: Wet Seal, $16.99.  It’s ultra feminine with the high collar and ruffles.  But,  I don’t like this store because you can’t return items (even with a receipt), which I think is a terrible policy.
  • White tank:  AE, $8ish
  • Jeggings:  AE, seriously comfy.  Can’t remember the cost but I always use a 15% coupon and tag team it with sales.
  • Long gold necklace with pink pendant:  AE clearance, $6
  • Silver hoop mainstays (from Herbergers) and wedding bling (you know who I got that shiny hunk of fabulousness from)

The cardigan is a little wimpy for a February outfit though, so I may have to stash it away until spring.  Anyone out there tried the jeggings and if so, are they a yay or no way?

Here is my winter wear addition/edition:

  • Hat:  Aeropostale, a very sweet $5!
  • Scarf: Bought it before Xmas and it was $FREE because it was on sale for $9.99 and I used one of those very yummy $10 coupons from JCPenney on it.  SCORE.
  • Wool coat: AE clearance 8 years ago.  The cool thing about it is that it’s reversible.  All business in the front.

And homeless person on the inside.

Here is what I wore to work that day.  Pretend that my scissor hands are cool in some small way.

  • Cardi: New!  Nordstrom clearance, $12!
  • Lace shirt: Charlotte Ruesse, ~$20, bought it a few years ago and I love the detailing.
  • Black pants:  Express.  They run about ~$40 with a sparkly coupon.
  • Polish: NYC in Manhattan (from Target)
  • Bracelet:  New York & Co, $7.50 (wore it on my wedding day!)
  • Earrings:  Lia Sophia, $22 (one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry that my cheap a** owns).

Isn’t a cardi and lacy shirt the easy and always works outfit?

14 thoughts on “Wore Zone

  1. I see that you are barefoot in that first picture. I have a fabulous and affordable solution to this. 1. Read my most recent blog. 2. Find the nearest Goodwill (if you live where I think you live then there is a great one by Binkies on the “lake”) and score some sweet flats like me. 3. High five your Goodwill sales associate and scurry home either wearing or carrying your newest purchases.

    Ok, that was rather bossy of me. But seriously….give that place a looksie. I know you love your good deals and steals. Also, no pressure whatsoever but I’d still love for you to guest blog for me. No pressure (do it!).

  2. very cute outfit, and BTW, when my sister first became a Minnesotan (correct?), she went to Barnes and Noble and got a very large coupon book that was somewhat exclusive to the St. Paul/Minneapolis area I think, and it has TONS of coupons for restaurants and shopping places in it, and she does like a good deal :)

  3. Poor SIL – I bet he was cold. He probably deserves something spectacular in the near future. Maybe I could sign you up for a time share consultation to somewhere in Iowa. HEE HEE. Candace, you always looks chic and I am glad you are using some color. I am glad you found the SIL and not just for his willingness to take pics in the cold. love mamap

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