Flashback Friday

I was a new student counselor for my college.  Basically, I was in charge of welcoming in sweet and impressionable freshman.  I did just that, wearing a hideous tie dyed orange shirt.  Obviously these freshman did not get off to a fair start but I really hope things got better for them after I skipped out of their life.

Have a tie dye free weekend. Please.  Do it for the children.

10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Me too but I think I gave you the orange shirt. It looks like something I would love. ::)) Seriously, didn’t you listen to any of my fashion lectures? Have a grand safe weekend. Warm is coming! love mamap

    • Actually, I had picked up that gosh awful shirt at Target (on clearance, $6!) but MamaP sure does love her some fun colors! :) Yesss, warmer weather is finally here – hopefully it doesn’t get snatched away from us!

  2. This picture made me smile! I had to laugh at the oh-so-comfortable pose you’re sporting! I think I had those same sandals. They weighed around 10 lbs each and gave me a good two inches of height! :)

    • oh my about the sandals, I too had to smile and then feverishly chuckle as I still have not parted with my doc sandals or boots. those thing were so dam expensive (and heavy) that I still can’t part with them for some reason despite not having worn either for past 6+ years! geez….this post is making me realize, time to part ways!

      • Oooh, you had the real deal! Yes, let’s all move on, part ways, and walk with a spring in our step instead of (mine, imitation) leather bricks weighing us down.

    • Haha! We must have had matching sandals! They were monstrosities and a great leg work out (and smelled disgusting after that summer). :)

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