Back in it to win it (hopefully)

Guess who put their wee little house back on the market, after a (very cold) winter hiatus?  That’s right folks, we are back in the game of real estate and are hoping to fare better than the three showings TOTAL we had last summer.  Cross your fingers for us because the prospect of keeping our house show ready for months on end is just not my idea of a jolly good time.  This go around, we made a few more changes to perk up our digs: she got a chemical face peel and a boob job!

Last week, we got our ceilings painted because they were gross, especially by the vents where Grunge Particles would fly out and catch on that silly popcorn ceiling.  They kinda looked like Taylor Momsen Eyes, which, as she knows, is not leaving a great impression on anyone.

*Update.  Because every good blog post has a picture.

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Anyhoo, the painters came while I was at work and saran wrapped the entire downstairs (leaving the Hubs trapped upstairs outside the temporary plastic castle) and they worked their magic.  A couple hundred bucks later and Hilary the House was looking oh so fine.  Why we didn’t get this done years ago is beyond me.

In addition, I painted our mega scuffed up master closet, did more random touch up painting around the house, filled in cracks and nail holes, and started obsessing over all of the items I could secretly Craigslist while the Hub’s attention is averted watching basketball…

But, we still have work to do.  We have a lot of cleaning and sorting and cleaning and purging and more cleaning to do.  You’d think that we would have had this all under control since we were on the market last year, but no.  It’s an ongoing battle.  Am I the only one that has a Paper Proliferating Problem?  I wake up to more and more paperwork each day and it makes me suspect something funny is going on in the office when we’re asleep.  Please advise.

Wish us loads of good luck house selling vibes, ok?

15 thoughts on “Back in it to win it (hopefully)

    • Actually, we asked the realtor to note how kick butt our neighbors happen to be and he agreed that this will be a great selling feature! Go us!

  1. I have a good feeling about it this time. Hilary is spiffed up looking her Sunday best. And with the “days on market” back down to 0, her air of desperation is gone.

  2. We are sending you some good real estate juju, as much as we can muster anyways. We feel your pain. We had our house on the market for seven months, a decent amount of showings but no takers. I have big plans for the next place with plenty of room for two small energetic boys to run. I just DREAD keeping the house clean every waking moment and the contant “is this the one?” every time there is a showing. I’d like to move out of the house before we sell. Perhaps the universe could arrange for some lottery winnings for us so we can avoid the misery.

    • Thank you, Faith! At least we can wallow in the sellers pain together. I’ll send good luck wishes right back!! Also, must.clean.above.cabinets. I am scared to see what dust tribe made their permanent settlement there.

  3. Isn’t there a statue of a saint that you can bury in your front yard for house selling luck? St Joseph or something? My dad did that for Nana’s house and it sold within a few weeks. In the meantime, I will send all sorts of good vibes to you (and Hillary)! :-)

    • Zack’s aunt recommends bury the statue of that saint too! Think my association fee will go up if they see me digging up the postage stamp front lawn of mine?

  4. I’m sending you guys good vibes…when we switched Realtors and put our townhouse back up on the market in late winter/early spring we got a hit within a week so good luck…also isn’t now about the time that those med students get assigned to Mayo so you’re in perfect time for those first year lower paid (but still high paid) residents are house hunting 😉 townhouses are perfect for them

    don’t worry about your is fabulous, it’s just a matter of getting the right eyes looking at it and listing it on MLS so it comes up in lots of search results. have you try to search for yours to make sure it comes up easily and doesn’t have some specific setting marked which is preventing it from displaying in most results..I know our realtor used some tricks to get it to be more ‘searchable’

    good luck garbows….I see profit coming your way!

    • Thank you for the well wishes and good advice! We are *supposed* to be going live today on MLS so I’ll have to take extra care to verify that we come up for those that are looking! Last year, we missed the influx of residents completely so here’s hoping we’ve timed it a bit more intelligently! :)

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