Flashback Friday

Girls Night, 2004.  It really wasn’t that long ago but this was pre-pregnancies, pre-babies, pre-marriage (mostly), pre the big 3-0 milestone (and beyond for some of us, ahem), as well as before I decided that using sunscreen on a daily basis was an insanely good idea.  So much has changed for good, bad and in the middle that this seems like a world ago.

It’s Friday, folks.  So, party on and don’t forget to look back fondly on the years that came before now.

9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Wow, so much has changed. 3 of the girls in the photo have since moved out of Minnesota, and Jill has replaced my as a tenant of that house!

    • Jesse! That was a cute shirt. I think Betty was our photographer that night – wish I had owned my tripod back then so we could have squeezed her in too!

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