Candace’s Three Things

That’s right.  Remember our little Christmas deal in an effort to save Benjamins?  Well, we got working on those “gifts” of quality time to each other and actually had ourselves a pretty peachy time.

First on the agenda, Christmas cookie baking and bonding over empty calories.  You remember.  We enjoyed our blizzardy weekend of recluse by baking goodies and consuming said goodies.

And, because we are over achievers, we baked a different kind the next day.  I pulled out my Santa hat just for the occasion.

If I must say (and I must), those were some fine tasting cookies.

Cost: $baking supplies.  But thinks I was buying groceries to make actual meals instead.  Ha, what a patsy!

Next up, we hit the slopes.  Well.  No.  They were more like groomed gradients that offered some very rugged xcountry skiing.

Although new to the sport, our perfect form was undeniable.

And you know I got my hot chocolate afterward even though Hubs was a hater and opted for coffee.

Total cost: $15 (ski rental)+ 2 falls = a nice and sore time.

Lastly, if you remember, Hubs and I were supposed to…

Run a 5k together.  These might be hard to come by since the Hubs teaches class on Saturday mornings, when most of the races are scheduled.  But, I’ll keep a lookout.  The alternative is to take a run downtown and hit up breakfast afterward.

We picked a snowy Sunday morning for our Old Married Folk Running Date.  Hubs was woefully under dressed, but I, the winter running veteran, was prepared.  I had my trusty snowflake knee highs on and was ready to take on any adventure.

We ran along the beautiful frozen river and let the snowflakes dance and melt on our cheeks.

But little did we realize, underneath that crystalline blanket of beauty lay a frozen sheet of menacing ice just looking for innocents to take down.  And down we did go, reminiscent of a Torvill and Dean ice dance.

We dusted ourselves off and decided that breakfast seemed like a better idea.

The hot coffee and sweet rolls were waiting for us…

And even better?  We had a giftcard from my sweet Grandma, making this little excursion $FREE.

To sum it all up:  $Baking supplies hidden from amongst real groceries + $15 ski rental + 2 falls + $free breakfast + $butt bruises = $15 and injuries that will plague us into our 60s.  How about that!  A pretty good deal, I’d say!

20 thoughts on “Candace’s Three Things

  1. You guys are adorable! And hilarious! The wipe out looks like it hurt, good thing you had sweet rolls to cheer you up after that!

  2. This is one of your best blog posts ever. It has drama, suspense, humor, entertainment, love, and excitement all wrapped up around a bunch of great pictures. I “toast” my mug of java to “the candace’s” writing this morning. WELL DONE!! Now off for another Keurig brew.

  3. Cute story ~ it looks like you told that blizzard who the boss was ~ and got a tasty breakfast out of the deal ~ not a bad way to spend the weekend :)

    • I think we should make this a Sunday tradition? I could get used to those sweet rolls on a weekly basis (and grow a few of my own around my hips in the process).

  4. Loved this one! You guys are so great.

    I thought of you yesterday because Bed Bath and Beyond had white porcelain pumpkin salt and pepper shakers on clearance that would match the ones your crafted very nicely. And you wouldn’t even have to spray paint the yard! :) Cheers!

    • Oooh, if I wasn’t banned from Bed Bath & Beyond because of it’s close proximity to Old Navy, I’d have to seriously consider asking those pumpkins to come home with me. My yard would be so relieved!! :)

  5. I think my bum is still bruised from the nasty fall-and-slide. It would have really stung if I didn’t have that amazing caramel roll to take my mind off of it. Sweet bliss!

    Did anyone else notice that all 3 of Candace’s wintry dates ended with us eating sweet stuff? I noticed. And I loved it!

  6. You are so adorable. Is it wrong that I smiled when I read that you tricked – I’ve been known to do similar things myself.

    Sounds like a great weekend. :)


    • I had to buy new jeans yesterday and is totally going to have a hay day with that…well, that AND the two sweaters I had to throw in because the sale was too awesome to pass up! wish me luck! *winks*

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