A birthday boy

Guess who turned the big fat 3-0 today?

This guy.

Handsome, right?

In celebration of this very important milesone birthday, I scheduled a dentist appointment for him in the morning and will be taking him out to dinner with a giftcard that we got for Christmas tonight.

Happy birthday, Hubs!  I’m eternally indebted to your sweet mom for birthing such a nice person.

Please send him some mega bloggy love because he deserves it!!

Your birthday cupcake baker and adoring fan,


27 thoughts on “A birthday boy

    • There’s something about coming home from the dentist and drinking some dark coffee that seems to prevent the candlelight glow. But at least I’m free of plaque now! Thanks for wishing me many more dentist appointments :)

      J/k, but thanks again for the birthday wishes and the wonderful book. I’m devouring Scorecasting and driving Candace nuts in the process – keeping the light on to read when she wants to sleep!

  1. Happy Birthday, Zack! 30 is quite the milestone…mine is looming next year…yikes! I hope you and Candace have a great night out!

    • Cooper Clan, what a very sweet bday message and a song that says it all! Do you think Tim McGraw knew we took on the salad challenge!? : “Oh my next thirty years, I’m gonna watch my weight
      Eat a few more salads and not stay up so late…”
      I don’t think this is a coincidence and have a feeling that the McGraw’s read the blog!

    • We are hanging in there with the salad challenge… :) Loved that song, may have even gotten misty-eyed reading the lyrics at work. Sshh, don’t tell.

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