Don’t drink the water

It’s dirty.

It looks like watery sweet tea, usually has mysterious floaters, and is just kinda existing but making no impact.  It’s, regrettably, Candace Coffee.

It sickens my Mister because, Hubs, he digs REAL coffee.  Like, in a very major (and almost alarming?) way.  He snubs the pre-ground flavored crud that sloshes out of my crusty mini coffee maker each morning.  Not to make matters worse but I suspect that percolator of mine is harboring an army of composting coffee grounds and on the lam sea monkeys.  Seriously.

In fact, Hubs considers my coffee making habits criminal and has been warning the far and near to not drink the “water”, for fear they’ll catch a Bad Case of Candace Coffee Complacency.  Also, apparently I got on the Alliteration Train and never got off at my stop.  Sorry.

So, want to see what really good coffee is all about?  Let’s learn together (and get tshirts made so we can be reminded of this cherished time).

It starts with green beans.  Not those.  But, these ones:

I was tempted to put them in a soup with a ham bone but Hubs got agitated by the suggestion.  He buys these wonderful beans from Sweet Maria’s – a great little company that hand selects the finest coffee farms (in a morally conscious way) and sells them to fanatics like my other half.   He then takes these green nuggets of fortune and roasts them.

Today’s roast: Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo

The roasting does a few things.  It caramelizes the sugar in the beans,  encourages the strong oils to journey outward and causes the moisture to escape.  Also, the ‘husk’ of the bean (called the chaff) burns off.

And, that burning chaff, my friends, smells slightly disagreeable.  No, actually, it reeks.  It smells like burnt popcorn and has the tendency to linger like my break outs.  That’s why I kindly request he does his roasting in our garage, which he finds very glamorous.

Ooh, they are all done getting their roast on.  Now, they must rest.  I rest too, just because.

After a little while and some trashy TV, Hubs packs his goodies away.

I know this may have caught you off guard, but you have just now time traveled to the next morning.

Hubs takes his freshly roasted beans and grinds them up.  I admit, they smell ridiculously good.

Finally, the step our caffeine headache has been yearning for: making the actual coffee.  This is an involved hobby, no??  Hubs uses the Aeropress.  It’s like the French Press but from outer space.  The difference (and why the Hubs decided to go with it) is the Aeropress has an extra filter for the cholesterol-raising oil that is known to sneak through the French Press.  This makes me happy because I am planning on kickin’ it with the Hubs for a lifetime.  And I want that lifetime to be long and cholesterol friendly.

The glorious sweet first sip!!

The moral of my story:  Let the Hubs brew you up something special and politely decline if I wander in and offer to share the concoction  living inside my travel mug.

But, love me anyway because sharing is still sharing, mmmkay?

35 thoughts on “Don’t drink the water

  1. I knew Zack loved coffee, but now I know that Zack LOVES coffee. I am fascinated by the roast your own beans & am cyber high-fiving you for supporting the responsible cultivation of your beans. :-) So now that everyone knows how amazing your beans are, the question is; when do we get to come on over and enjoy some home roasted aero-pressed coffee? 😉 I’ll bring biscotti & a little white dog (who has nothing to do with coffee – he just likes being included)

  2. What a nice diy on SIL’s super hobby. I can attest to the great results he can produce. YUM! I love great coffee with a lot of cream and sugar so it is an upper as well as a dessert. The super dose of cafeine contained in a cup of his coffee can be channeled in a positive way – like cleaning a castle or writing a 1000 page tome. If not channeled in a constructive manner, your heart beats so fast it can’t be recorded, your thoughts fly faster than a speeding bullet and your mouth runs without any connection to your brain. Whew! I can’t wait to enjoy another cup! lv mamap

    • At least the coffee adrenaline surges yields exciting (constructive or otherwise) results! Think anyone will buy my mini coffee maker on Craiglist for $10? Sea monkeys come free!

  3. wow, I’m impressed that he roasts his own coffee! I thought I was good just using a french press (mostly because I don’t want to take up the large amount of space for a regular coffee maker and the french press goes in the dish washer. )

    BTW, love your outfit in the pic of you and your travel mug. Great jeans (and you know how I feel about jeans… the right pair can align the stars).


  4. Wow! I thought we had some dedication to our coffee out here in the NW with our fair trade, shade grown, organic, small specialty roasters (of which I love). This just puts us to shame. I must admit, it sounds delicious (Zack’s coffee, that is.)

  5. I’m very impressed…and jealous! I thought I was fancy going to Caribou and drinking my mochas, but you just blew me right out the water…It makes me want to drink regular coffee now…bravo, Hubs!

      • I had a mocha today at the grocery store…mighty tasty :) A New Year’s Resolution ~ I had to pare down my binges by only letting myself get one when I have cash on me…it has seriously downsized said binges. But since I also work at the grocery store, I get discounts on my binges, so it’s easier for me to keep my cash flowing for more tastiness :)

        • Kate, smart move on only using cash. I have to play similar games at work too. I don’t carry cash with me, otherwise I end up skipping down to the vending machines to buy buckets full of that faux cappuccino!

  6. This is great Candace! I am very impressed Zach…I will be Googling the “Aeropress” immediately after hitting the submit comment button:) Happy Monday!

  7. So this comment is completely unrelated to your blog, but I had to give you some linkin’ love for inspiring me to eat more salads. I totally meant to mention it in the blog but forgot…until I saw your comment this morning. So I added something today. You can now expect your readership to triple. 😉 Yay salads! Where are you in your salad count anyway?

    • The linky love was so very sweet – thank you! I’ll be waiting patiently for the flood gates of adoring thecandace fans to open. I’m up to 53 salads today *does awkward dance*

  8. I make 3 cups worth of coffee at a time and microwave it on day 2 and 3. I add so much cream and sugar to it that it barely resembles coffee when I’m done and I’m sure the microwave kills anything that would kill me!

    • Sara! Welcome to my wee little blog! Keep up your outfit posts (love them)! They have free coffee at the gym and I snag some…as well as two fists full of coffee creamer just because it’s free!

  9. awesome post!

    I too have moved to the dark side and am a coffee SNOB! I admit it. We get them from Sweet Maria’s too. We do roast in the house but have them directly under the exhaust fan to quickly transfer the smell outside.

    We too use the aeropress. I didn’t know of the health benefits so I’m much more in love with it now.

    Thanks for the educational post!

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