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I’m back with Wore Zone.  It’s the Baby it’s Cold Outside edition.  Luckily for us (no), we’ve had a lot of snowstorms.  Which lent itself as a perfect opportunity to strong arm the Hubs out into the elements and make him take pictures.

  • Sweater: Express, ~$35 with coupon
  • Skinny jeans:  AE
  • Striped tank: Target, $17
  • Blue layer tank:  AE, $8
  • Fake Uggs:  Target, $20
  • Jewelry:  My mainstays (silver hoops, wedding bling) and two fingered ring from C. Ruesse, $4
  • Polish:  Sally Hansen, Brick Wall

  • Hat: Aeropostale, $5
  • Scarf: JCPenny, $free
  • Polka dot coat: Charlotte Ruesse, $40
  • The rest is the same as above because everyone loves a two for one.

And because I couldn’t resist:

  • The Hubs in his sweaty broomball clothes, eeeew.

Do you have a bulky sweater helping you survive this miserable winter?  Hello?  Anyone make it this far?  That wasn’t very satisfying, was it?

Ok, confession time.  I have been so inspired by people’s outfit posts (like the ones that link up to The Pleated Poppy on Wednesdays).  They have really encouraged me to shop my own closet and play with new pairings and accessories.  I thought the hardest part of Wore Zone for me would be to come up with something fresh and cute to wear without shopping…and although that’s a daily struggle, I didn’t realize an even bigger problem lay in wait.  Getting my picture taken.  I’m going to be honest, this picture taking process has been brutal on my self esteem.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve tried the self timer tripod pics, bathroom pics (look how smoothly that went down),

and finally had to sweet talk the Hubs into snapping pictures.  BUT, I feel so self conscious during the whole ordeal that I can’t stand it any longer.

So, I’m discontinuing War Zone.  It was good (meh) while it lasted.

24 thoughts on “Wore Zone

  1. I’m going to miss the Wore Zone, and our frigid photo-shoots out in the snow! My favorite part of WZ: seeing how much money my wife is saving on her outfits.

  2. OK, so I could never do this. But I LOVE that you do it, and I live vicariously through you. Getting Jesse to take my picture would never work. I try to imagine him going along with it, but all I can picture are photos of my feet, chest, and other inappropriate shots. Soooo….please don’t stop. I enjoy your Wore Zone blogs.

    PS–I scored an outfit at Target yesterday for under 10 buckeroos! To me an outfit is a shirt and jeans. I don’t really wear jewlery (except my little bling on my fing) But sure enough, I got me a lovely lavendar tee for $4 and a pair of skinny jeans for $4.98. And the jeans were even super long so I was finally able to try that cute cuffed look I see all the trendy girls do. (Zack don’t read this next sentence) Candance, go to Target…good deals await your arrival!

    • What a sweeeet deal! Go You! Let me know how the cuffed jeans goes – my short legs and I have been hemming (hehe) and hawing over doing it. We have a Target right next door to the office which is awesomely cruel in every way…must swing by soon.

  3. oh how I will miss the Wore Zone! I too would be too self-conscious to have keep taking picture every week…and I like seeing how you save money! it makes me happy!

        • oooh….breakthrough! you get guest-bloggers like you did on Emily’s site and that could help inspire other fashions as well, and then just do your own fashion shoot once a month??? you could have fun with it and ask random people or your neighbors or your fellow bloggers to help out and submit photos…I don’t know if you think this is a good idea or not…

          • I think you are spot on with doing this less often – once a month is a good call or maybe even follow the season’s cadence if I plan to continue war zone. Thank you for your grand ideas – there are a lot of very stylish fashionistas out there that I admire and I would love to invite them to guest blog! The only thing is coordination of this endeavor might be a little tricky so I think I need to brainstorm on this a bit longer. Thank you for your helpful suggestions – I have some supportive bloggy friends out here in the lonely internet!

  4. You all are saying nice things and I got a little pep talk on Facebook. Maybe I should push through my nerdy issues and try this again??

    • Thanks! The blazer is oooold school. Oh, and the scarf was scored with a $10 coupon from JCPenney and that scarf just so happened to be $9.99. I told them to keep the change!

  5. but if you quit the wore zone, who is going to inspire new outfits for me and for me to shop my own closet? boo-hoo

    btw, I stopped at took a picture of baby llama’s while I was out cycling today… too bad it was just w/ my camera phone because I can’t really SEE that they are baby llama’s in the pic but they are.

    • Maybe I’ll rework this Wore Zone into something that my worrisome brain can handle…*still brainstorming*. A baby llama!? How cute – must post to facebook!

    • Thank you! They are city ballet flats from Gap – and I got these ones after x-mas on mega clearance ($7!). My plantar faciitis will have some hate for them but they were too cute to not take home! :)

  6. How can you be self-conscious, kiddo? I haven’t seen you look bad -well since ever. Even when you were getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Uffda. The wore zone is perfect because I like to see your picture. Plus it is fun to read. Love mamap

    • I *knew* MamaP would have my back – that’s a Mom’s job. Oh, the wisdom teeth memories! I won’t soon forget my post op trip to Target with you when we were giggling away at the hilarity of my impaired and spitty speech. All was fun and games until I started choking on those bloody cotton balls, eyes bulging, arms flailing…but have no fear folks, MamaP sprung into action and reached into my mouth wrist deep and retrieved those wads of suffocation right there in front of the oranges! She saved my life!!!

  7. Collaboration!!! I love it! The Wore Zone should have a encore presentation because A) You & your outfits are adorable B) You were inspiring me to wear more than sweatpants & t-shirts and C) think how much fun the Wore Zone could be if it highlighted great deals that lots of people scored?? I volunteer my super adorable $7.50 sundress that I just nabbed at Maurice’s the other day. :-) So yes – everyone on The Candace – let’s collaborate! I’m sure there’ll be tons of great deals that will inspire me & others (and will make me think twice before I slip into those sweatpants). :-)

    • Tai, you are so sweet and encouraging! $7.50 sundress eh!?!? OH, how I love to hear of good deals scored! I need to think a little longer on how I should revise this because, although I love myself some collaboration and deal sharing stories, I am trying to come up with an easy way on implementing this without it getting too complicated or involved – there is lots to think about! Three cheers to all of my bloggy love to pick me up when I fall down (in skinny jeans, nonetheless!).

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