Flashback Friday

As an ode to the adorable runner women that I met last night at the half marathon training clinic that I’m teaching,  I thought I’d get all sentimental and take a look back on one of the many sweet and sweaty memories I have made while running.

Here I am with two friends, Gina and Connie, post 13.1 miles.  A half marathon is a long way, but it’s surprising how fast it seems to fly by when you get to share those steps with a friend.

If possible, make some memories this weekend and if you get sweaty while doing it, then all the better.  Obviously, that’s up for interpretation.

14 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    • *crosses fingers* We are in desperate need of some sun-shiny good fortune! This winter was fun when it started but I am ready to move on!

  1. You have had a good time running. I have always been proud of you and your friends. It takes great courage to run a marathon. As a result of running, you have met wonderful wonderful people. It has created an arena where you can shine, which is good for the body and the mind. Your enthusiasm and knowledge about running techniques helps increase your enjoyment of the sport as well as helping out others. Keep up the good work – it is good for your soul. love mamap

    • Thanks, MamaP. Running has been a part of me for a long time and there is something about sharing a few miles and some fresh air with someone that creates a little magic. I’ll keep it up as long as my weak ankles will carry me! :)

  2. cute photo and I love irony, because I am going on a church retreat with some friends to make some awesome memories this weekend :)

  3. Aww…miss you both! So excited to hear you are teaching a marathon clinic! I wish I was closer so I could attend. That was my first and last 1/2 marathon, so I could use a little butt-kickin’ from boot-camp Candace. Now, the important question….Where’s the pic of the “hubs” after running his 5k that day? 😉

    • I wish you could be in the class too – we’d have fun together! I was looking through the pics and told Z that he looked pretty darn good after his 5k considering the excessive amount of wine “tasting” he did the night before…

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