Candace’s Crafty Corner: Rosette Pins

Hey there, remember when I whipped up a yarn wreath for you – but didn’t let you touch it?  Those flowers were so fun to make that I made more.  Well, just one more.

I deconstructed an old necklace I had lying around and stitched in a little bead to jazz it up a notch.

Then, I hot glued the hell out of the back and attached a pin so I could wear it places and ask leading questions like “Isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?” and “Can you believe I made it?  How talented am I??”

If you want, you could gush lovingly about it right here on my blog.  Starting now.

15 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: Rosette Pins

  1. Ooh – Candace that’s gorgeous!! Where ever did you find such a lovely accessory? What?!? You made it?? No WAY!! You are way talented my friend! :-)

    I love that! Can you teach me how to make those? LOVE it!!!

    • The gushing was totally appreciated. They are eaaasy to make – tutorial link is on the yarn wreath post but maybe I’ll whip one up for my favorite Tiny Tai friend.

  2. Love the rosettes (bet you’d never hear that from a guy)! You won’t catch me wearing these of course, but they are super creative, look great and best of all, the price is right.

    • I can’t pass up an opportunity to bedazzle – remember the days of the actual Bedazzaler? Now THAT, my friends, was glamor.

    • Oh, Jcrew, how come you don’t plant an outlet near me? You must post a pic sporting the new Jcrew bobby pin! I have a few extra small rosettes that I made for my wreath but didn’t end up using – and I was thinking of gluing them to a headband or bobby pins. Might be a craft project for April…

  3. I wish I could wear a rosette in my hair but I look like an old tart. Not a look I am going after at this stage of the game. Keep up the craftsy projects. lv mamap

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